Year of the Snake

It’s time almost time to welcome the Year of the Snake, a rather auspicious time in the Chinese astrological calendar. According to the Chinese zodiac experts, the snake is all about money.

Year of the Snake

The snake is already a very popular symbol, and a important theme in the East. It has hidden meanings, cultural significance as well as sophisticated style. The snake is meant to be a positive force, giving us good energy to face any challenges ahead of us.

So this blog is all about jewellery after all and we’re sure you’re looking for a little serpentine inspiration. Well look no further – snakeskin clothing, accessories, and prints are going to hit the highstreet. Have a look at our Year of the Snake collection.

Do you know much about Chinese astrology? What zodiac year were you born under?

Have a little fun today and find out what sign you were born under. Pop back and let us know.

Love TJC x

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  1. Year off the Dog and how do I checkout and pay from web I’m signed in got to billing Address and shipping Address selected postal option then was not clear how to proceed to checkout . I went back to home and Checkout isn’t on the task bar listing items sales etc. how dp I pay please sincerely

    1. Hi Karen,

      Ok I’ve just tested – once you have your addresses in (step 2)… At the bottom on the right there should be a pink button (proceed to secure payment)… click that and then you should be good to go.


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