Your Guide to Choosing the Right Christmas Tree and Decorations

side view of smiling young woman decorating christmas tree

With black Friday nearing some of you might already be planning to buy a Christmas tree. Those who are buying X-mas tree for the first time might be wary of not making any mistake while picking one from the lot. If you a new homeowner who has no idea of which tree will go with your interior and how you can make it more fun by topping the best Christmas tree decorations, you are at the right place. In today’s blog we will tell you everything you need to know for making your centrepiece exotic! 

Starting with the basic – When you go to the market for picking a tree, the first and foremost thing to consider is the space. If you are planning to have the foliage in your living room, you must note down its height. As rule of thumb says the tree should be at least 1 foot less than your ceiling. This way, the tree topper will also get some spotlight! Also, measure the width of your door and choose a tree which can easily go through it. 

Tree Variety – While firs are everyone favourite, what you need to think of is the final look you want to achieve and the safety of the households to decide which tree variety is best option for you. When you are in the shop, move your hand over the branches a few times and look down at the needles it dropped. Get home the one that loses less needles and is lusciously green from top to bottom. 

Keeping it Fresh- The Christmassy scent brought by the pine or fir to your home can be highly welcoming to your guests and increase the excitement of your family for the upcoming celebration. Whether you are an early bird or someone who does his/ her festive shopping at the last moment, for your tree to remain fresh and glowing you need to water is regularly. Cut the butt of the X-mas tree as soon as you place in the stand and pour half a bucket water. Place it somewhere where there is no sunlight and heat. This will ensure your tree looks healthy till the new year’s. 

Your Last Resort- A trip to the tree shop with your family can be one of the most memorable festive memories as everyone feels the excitement of pre-Christmas. However, if you have pets and a toddler who often touches everything they find in the room, they can become prone to scratches from the tree’s needles. Further, some animals are allergic to few of the much-loved varieties like Norway spruce. A cute artificial tree can add festive vibe to your decor without risking the health of your pet. Tabletop tree are best option for smaller rooms. Even if your child managed to shake the table, these adorable decorative elements will not hurt them!

Sprucing it up

Decorating the tree is a fun activity for both kids and adults. If you are short on idea, you can pick a few from our list below – 

1.      Graceful Bottom – Dressing your tree in a snowy skirt or adding frills to its stand will make your tree look like every other tree people are used to seeing. You can add some originality to your Christmas décor with boxes packed in lovely ribbons. You can make them yourself with some empty cardboard boxes, gift wrapping papers and fancy ribbon or buy a readymade one from our store. Special feature of our box is it lights up your room too. Another way to get your tree noticed is placing our cute wooden tree house below it. Do you have a child who loves reindeer? Then go with our moving reindeer lights! 

 2.    Tree topper – A classy tree topper can do wonders to your X-mas tree. We have plenty of shimmery Christmas tree decorations including the glinting snowflake and angel toppers. Top them up and your tree will instantly look photogenic.


3.      Set up an Ombré-Theme – Are you bored of the traditional green and red adornments? Add some ombre hue to your tree with the multi-coloured string lights. Glinting in a spectrum of different colours, they instantly make your centrepiece a charmer. LED lights are safer option as they do not get heated on being connected to the electricity. 

4.      Tuck a Reindeer on it – Want your tree to stand out? In case you have the space to host a large tree, get your Christmas tree decorations right with the lovely resin reindeer that can be inserted in the dense leaves to surprise your visitors. 

5.      Classic Decoupage Baubles – Last but not the least are everyone’s favourite, the decoupage baubles. They come in a huge variety of prints, so you can choose one featuring a character you absolutely love from the Christmas carol. 

Christmas is all about spreading happiness and love. Be it your grandma or your children, glee can be seen on their faces as soon as you announce you are going to buy the X-mas tree. With our guide you will not only end up opting the right one but also will give it a festive appearance that makes it distinguishable.  Order your Christmas tree Decorations now and star practising!

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