Zodiac Jewellery Ideas

The mysterious and engaging world of zodiacs is something everyone has been interested with. With the vivacious and thrilling beginning to the new year, we have something very exciting in store for you. Below are the different types and fashions of zodiac jewellery that sit perfectly with your sign!


Credits: The Science Post
Credits: The Science Post

Zodiac Jewellery by Different Signs

Different signs have different traits. It’s believed by several that your zodiac sign has a lot to say about your personality. And we think it’s true, too! So, here are some of the standing-out traits of the signs and the kind of jewellery you should wear to express them!



Zodiac Jewellery for Aries
Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire, Natural Cambodian Zircon Wish Bone Ring
Diamond (Rnd) Starburst Stud Earrings in 14K Gold Overlay Sterling Silver

Aries is a force of nature! They’re strong and confident leaders and pioneers that leave an impact in the lives of everyone around them! However, their jewellery choices are far subtler. They wear jewellery that’s representative of their strong personality. Therefore, the ideal kind of jewellery for them would be minimal wishbone rings, stud earrings, or pristine bangles. Red is a colour that’s the best represented of their class, so garnet jewellery is also a fabulous pick!



Zodiac Jewellery for Taurus
ILIANA Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Double Halo Ring in 18K Yellow Gold
Citrine (Rnd) Bracelet in 14K Gold Overlay

The people of this sign love indulging themselves with presents! They certainly do love their bling and love to show it off even more! However, they are also known to be extremists in their style. At one point, they love their halo rings, but they’ll pair it up with a stunning gold chain for a gorgeous contrast in style. Taurus is an Earth sign and should wear the colour yellow to suit the same, making citrine jewellery the pick for them.



Zodiac Jewellery for Gemini
Rose De France Amethyst, Rhodolite Garnet and Russian Diopside Ring
Jardin Collection South Sea White Pearl, Pink Mother of Pearl and Multi-Gemstone Bracelet

If there’s someone who loves experimenting, it must be Geminis! The people of this sign love to play around with different styles of fashions. Their styling is usually upbeat and trending. There’s nothing that a Gemini hasn’t tried, but they will always land to the zodiac jewellery that represents the lively personality. Floral rings and heart necklaces seem to be their staple choice. However, if you’re looking to gift something witty and quirky to them, a charm bracelet is something you’ll never go wrong with.



Zodiac Jewellery for Cancer
Blue Diamond Ring in Platinum and Blue Overlay Sterling Silver
ELANZA Simulated Diamond, Fresh Water Pearl Circle of Life Pendant

If you’re thinking of eternity, think of people in Cancer sign! They love the idea of forever and wear the zodiac jewellery that speaks the same. Beauties like eternity rings and Circle pendants are the perfect picks for them, as they represent emotion and thoughtfulness. Shopping for them needs a lot of thought and consideration as they will preserve your gift forever. You may opt for simple gold jewellery as it stays its precious self forever.



Zodiac Jewellery for Leo at TJC
ILIANA 2.15 Ct AAAA Tanzanite Solitaire Ring in 18K Gold
Italian Made- 9K Y Gold Diamond Cut Necklace

The word “strength” is used most commonly for Leos. They have a bold and domineering personality and they prefer the zodiac jewellery to represent the same. Loud, dramatic, and bold pieces like solitaire rings or statement necklaces seem to be their go-to picks. A beautiful and vibrant cluster pendant is the perfect present for them, seeing as they love to be the centre of all appreciative attention.



Zodiac Jewellery for Virgo at TJC
Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA Double Halo Pendant
GP Diamond, Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire Drop Earrings

Virgos are the people who look into details a lot. They love their jewellery to be fine and exquisite. If you’re looking for an ideal pick of zodiac jewellery for Virgos, then it has to be something delicate and extraordinary. The statement-making teardrop pendants are exceptionally beautiful in their tranquil design while maintaining the intricacies. If you want something more exclusive, then you should look into our collection of designer earrings.



Zodiac Jewellery for Libra at TJC
9K Yellow Gold AA Ethiopian Welo Opal, Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring
Royal Bali Collection Abalone Shell Tree of Life Pendant

Librans are known for being easily influenced. However, it is a great thing! It means that they pick up trends quite easily and are always stylish. Their zodiac jewellery will always be something that’s rocked on the ramps. If you’re looking for presents for Librans, don’t forget to check the latest fashion magazine. However, as their sign represents, they balance style with something that will stay forever. You can’t go wrong with a simple solitaire pendant, ideally from the versatile opal jewellery collection.



Zodiac Jewellery for Scorpio at TJC
RHAPSODY 0.10 Ct Diamond Supreme Finish Band Ring in 950 Platinum
African Ruby (Pear), White Topaz Earrings

There’s truly nothing as difficult as shopping for Scorpions. They conceal their real side extremely well and only the people who’re close to them can read who they are. It makes picking their presents quite a task, but regardless a task you love. Do remember that the zodiac jewellery for scorpions will always be something extremely subtle and simple, like snake chains or band rings. You can also look into luxurious and engaging hues of gemstones that they won’t be able to deny, like emerald jewellery or ruby jewellery.



Zodiac Jewellery for Sagittarius at TJC
J Francis – Sterling Silver Ring Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA
Rare Size Masoala Sapphire, White Topaz Pendant With Chain

Known to make trends, Sagittarians love collecting things! Their zodiac jewellery has to signify something. They love travelling and they love collecting memories even more! If you’re looking for that perfect present for a Sagittarian, you can never go wrong with promise rings or something from our designer range. Blue is the colour of every person in this sign, so keep that perfect sapphire jewellery in sight, too!



Zodiac Jewellery for Capricorn at TJC
Tanzanite (Ovl), White Topaz Trilogy Ring
4 Carat Kagem Zambian Emerald and Natural Cambodian Zircon Chandelier Earrings

Capricorns are known for making sense in everything they do. They’re rational thinkers and also see jewellery as an investment. If you’re looking to gift something to Capricorns, they would appreciate it more if it’s fancy and a keepsake. They don’t mind spending on craftsmanship and finery, so their gifts need to be the same, too. Trilogy rings or lush chandelier earrings are perfect for them.


Zodiac Jewellery for Aquarius at TJC
3.80 Ct AA Brazilian Aquamarine and Cambodian Zircon Halo Ring in 9K Gold
Espirito Santo Aquamarine (Rnd) Adjustable Beads Necklace

Known to be inventors, Aquarians have pioneer tastes in jewellery, too! They wear jewellery that makes a statement and is unlike anything else. They make their own trends, so it’s very difficult to shop for them. That said, they love eccentric hues and sparkling gemstones! So, you can look into gifting gemstones that hold engaging colours, like aquamarine jewellery!



Zodiac Jewellery for Pieces at TJC
Rose De France Amethyst, Natural White Cambodian Zircon Ring
Designer Inspired Fresh Water Pearl (5mm) Bracelet

Read as a water sign, the best kind of zodiac jewellery for a Piscean is something that reminds of aquatic life, like vibrant amethyst or engaging topaz! Speaking of their fashion sense, they are followers. They quickly move from one trend to another, so if you’re looking to gift jewellery to them, it has to be something that’s versatile, like band rings or tennis bracelets.

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