10 Pieces of Pearl Jewellery for the Modern Woman

As if you didn’t already know, June’s birthstone is Pearl!

But is this unique gemstone one you want to wear?

Many women feel like this gemstone is better suited for an older women and cannot be worn by the modern day woman, but with TJC you can rest assured that you will find the perfect piece no matter what your age, after all this is a gemstone that symbolises beauty, purity, humility and funnily enough, high status, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

When you think of pearls you probably think of a pearl necklace on top of a crew neck cashmere jumper worn by your grandma. Pearls are stereotypically more country club than edgy and on trend, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t modern and contemporary options available.

Here at TJC we have pearl styles to fit every personality and budget, so here are 10 trendy pieces of pearl jewellery that we think you can work into your everyday ensembles this month, and don’t worry, we promise you won’t look as though you’ve walked out of your grandma’s closet…

1)      White and Gold Statement Necklace and Bracelet
This pearl set is a great contemporary statement set which perfectly balances classic and modern design in a product that is sure to go with a number of evening and daytime outfits. Work this set across the seasons, pair with a flowy maxi dress for an evening out in summer or wear this necklace over a simple jumper and leggings in the winter.

2)      Fresh Water White Pearl Necklace
Playful in style and design, this is a fresh and alternative twist on a traditional look. This is a great piece to drape around your neck and adjust according to your preference. This necklace paired against a white shirt will give a clean and sophisticated look to be worn in your downtime or at the office.

3)      Japanese Akoya Pearl Cuff Bangle in Rose Gold
This bangle is oh so chic! And is very reminiscent of a few on trend iconic designer bangles. With this piece incorporate one perfect pearl into your wardrobe with ease, also available in yellow gold and platinum overlay this is an unforgettable item that adds elegance instantly.

4)      White Shell Pearl Front and Back Stud Earrings
If you love to follow the hottest trends, I’m sure you know which fashion house has influenced the design of these double back earrings! Let your earrings do the talking this season, tie your hair up and allow these unusual shaped studs make a statement. Shiny and lustrous these look chic, edgy and sophisticated, perfect for the modern day woman to wear no matter what the occasion.

5)      Fresh Water Peacock Pearl Stud Earrings
If you are not a fan of traditional studs, or the double back theme, then these are great alternative.  These are more of a simplified drop earring. The dropped pearl creates the illusion of a floating pearl, which is very much in style and a style worn by all the latest celebrities!

6)      Royal Bali Collection White Mabe Pearl Solitaire Ring

Very futuristic, this smooth white mabe pearl can be worn every day. Naturally blending the line between expensive style with an affordable price tag, this uber versatile the ring can be worn alone or used as a main feature in your favourite ring stacks.

7)      Nature Collection – Sugar Maple and Japanese maple leaf pendant with Pearl
This might be my favourite piece yet! I’ve fallen in love with the Nature Collection so it’s great to see pearls have also been incorporated into the designs. These clean and cool leaf designs can be found in yellow and rose gold which truly bring out the beauty of the white pearl. Wear in any season and look fabulous.

8)      Set of 7 Fresh Water Pearl Stud Earrings
Inject a shot of colour and classic pearls into your life with this set of pearl studs. Pick between 7 colours which will go with anything you are wearing.

9)      Pink Shell Pearl Bracelet
Follow the Friendship Bracelet trend with this beautiful bracelet. This lustrous pink pearl bracelet is a great addition to your collection which can be worn to creatively stack with others or simply allow to stand alone, for a festival friendly look.

10)    White simulated Pearl and Black Glass Necklace
This double rope statement necklace is above many other retailers in regard to luxury jewellery design at an affordable price. This statement necklace sits beautifully along the collarbone and nicely incorporates pearls, making them a focal point, but in an understated way. If you prefer not to show off your gems this is a great choice for you as they use a flower deisgn to frame the white pearls..

Don’t let the list stop there though, find items that truly reflect your taste and browse our extensive Pearl Collection now and learn how to care for your pearls!

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