10 Time-Saving Morning Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls

We can hear you girls. After recklessly meandering through the alarm that takes no end to stop, you have to leave your bed to start a fresh new day. Though morning never seemed fresh to you. But, yes what’s got to be done, has to be done.

Reaching to your first sip of coffee followed by morning rituals, what you may compromise is with your beauty routine.

Don’t you?

Well, the rush hours where one is bound to complete some zzzs tasks, thinking about hot rollers is probably scary. So, here we got you a plan. To all our loyal lazy parade, yes now you can finish off your mornings without keeping your beauty routine at bay.

Just stay hooked, as we open up about some 10 beauty hacks that definitely be in your routine from now on:

1. Makeup you need

Yes, you need these and that’s all. Why go all painted, when you can simply pass off with a simple five-minute regime with only five products. Mornings to work are not for an extensive makeup routine. A concealer, foundation, a lip and cheek stain, brow filler and mascara. Guess, you know how to apply the minimal makeup and dazzle.

2. Messy hair don’t care

This is taken for all the girls. Messy hair can be tamed with no need of shampooing and nurturing with ample of potion. Simply try the hair styles for messy hair. A side braid, a bun or for that matter scarf it up.

3. Heat it up

Unless you are hitting the work or your office dress up allows, giving the hat a try is no bad. After all, it saves all the time that you may need for mane management. So, face the day with this best bet for lazy girls.

4. Style your hair a night before

If you still wish to nail your tresses game, then make sure styling your hair a night before. It is such a time saver for the next morning hustle you may face. A gorgeous beach wave is a game turner and investing in a good hair product is what one need.

5. Start juggling in

This is for the serious morning business that all lazy girls should implement. Brush your teeth and let the hair conditioner soak in. Put the makeup while you wait for the kettle to boil. You get the vibe, right?

6. If nothing then red lips

Red lips

For days when you have really pushed it or overslept- guys, a red lipstick can only save you. Bring a pump of freshness to your face with the red lips. It looks miraculously put together and turns one from drab to dazzler.

7. Nourish feet while you sleep

Cracked feet is a big no no. So, wake up by applying a petroleum jelly or vaseline a night before you sleep. It makes your feet baby soft smooth. Thank us later!

8. Makeup organisation

organise makeup

Waking up already to a stirring morning, who wants to add an extra amount of haste? No, right? So, ensure that your makeup is in place. Try organising your makeup with concealers, lipsticks and eye products separately rather spending minutes in finding what you need.

9. Take shower a night before

Pleasant indeed! This may also seem to be an obvious choice but actually doing it saves all the time. Taking shower a night before makes hair pliable and effortless to style.

10. Cut down on products

The lesser products used in beauty routine saves more time. Declutter the products that you have not used in six months. The rule says products not touched for almost six months call for a time to toss it. And of course, it expires too. Implement minimalism instead of reaching for every product you see in the supermarket or drugstore.

Guess you get the vibe. Now let your beauty routine be in place with these simple beauty hacks because little things can do major wonders.

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