A tribute to the TJC designers!




Here at TJC, we present a whole plethora of jewellery collection, when in terms of sparkling new pieces that just steal your breath at a mere glance. But what stands out the most in our glorious range of collections is the sparkle of our cherishing designer pieces! We proudly boast of a superior class of luxurious pieces, all hailing from the unparalleled and flawless work of acclaimed designers.


So, here we are going to discuss all the designers that we present and what was it exactly that drew and inspired them to the realm of designing such gorgeous pieces. As of current, we present the works of three popular individuals, namely Rachel Galley, Lucy Q, and Giuseppe Perez.




Rachel Galley

Aimed at that ordinary, everyday woman who has an itch for buffed, glistening luxury, Rachel Galley presents a superior class of contemporary jewellery pieces that outshine everything else! With heavy use of twisted, moulded, and bent metals, the designer has made quite a name for herself. Widely appreciated for her metal work, she reigns over the picturesque jewellery realm. With works out of the use of Sterling Silver, Rhodium plating, 14 Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, 9K Yellow Gold, White Gold, et cetera, Rachel Galley’s designs primarily revolve around intricate latticework and refined tracery patterns.


Having previously worked with a number of lux brand names, Rachel Galley has some expert and masterful pieces right under her exemplary alley. Browse through her keen and enthusiastic work, showcased on TJC, to find some brilliant earrings, bracelets, necklaces, et cetera. What draws attention to her work is the timelessness of the designs. Pass on as heirlooms or store them as cherishing keepsakes, the designs by Rachel Galley have an eternal sense of wonderment to them.





Lucy Q

Boasting a sense of careless fun and playful adornment, Lucy Q aces at tepid jewellery. With simplistic designs and precious metals, her works are far a class apart from the mainstream jewellery lines. Taking inspiration from the metaphorical poems of her routine and fond memories, Lucy Q draws her designs from the recklessness of the sea and sometimes even the weather outside!


Being as the bestseller designer, Lucy Q has some simply exquisite pieces that you will grab on to at all times. With a flourishing use of precious metals such as gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, rose gold, et cetera, she maims her designs to be worn for all possible occasions.


Looking like a transcending piece of captivating art, her best designer works are displayed for your preference at TJC! Find an enthralling collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, et cetera, and shop till your heart’s content! Be sure to look at her drip necklace, as it is notoriously known to steal your breath away!





Giuseppe Perez

Hailing from a lineage of expert craftsmen, Giuseppe Perez harbours what we deem a penchant for bespoke luxury. Counted as among one of the best celebrity jewellery designers, GP is widely known and recognized for his designs to be marvelled at as a luxurious piece of art. With cherishing metals and glamorous stones, the jewellery moulded by him is scintillating and gaping rich.


What Giuseppe draws his inspiration from is everything that holds passion. A dynamic design of shifting currents is a common theme observed in his work. One of his biggest tells is the use of Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire somewhere lodged in his artistic outlays.


With us at TJC, you can find a revered range of special and gawking jewellery designs studded with the most mesmerizing gemstones like Sapphire, Amethyst, Turquoise, et cetera. Revel in the truly breath-taking pieces like rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, et cetera, uniquely from Giuseppe Perez. Find a rich range of gold, silver, rhodium plated, and many such jewellery pieces.



Be sure to scroll through the entirety of our cherishing incandescent designer range to find your own gem to keep. Drawn to suit each of your unique tastes and needs, our adroit artisans spend hours and days to perfect each sketch. With careful and analysation, each of the products made by us is passed through stringent scrutiny to ensure flawless precision.


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