20+ Exclusive Emerald Jewellery Designs (New Launches)

Where the colour speaks more than words, Emerald jewellery can add to your prestige!


Best spoken in the world of green colours, the emerald is known for its rich and vibrant shade. This birthstone of May is beautiful and can without a doubt make anyone fall in love with it. With a close connection to the astrological world and believed healing properties, the splendour of this stone is like an icing on top. Having the roots from the family of beryl mineral, this particular stone stands out for the dark forest green shade. This luxurious stone is also blessed with a great and glorious history. The earliest traces of Emerald were found in Egypt and are also believed to be the dearest to Lady Cleopatra back then. Some even say that she bought all the mines in Egypt to have her fair share of this gemstone, though, we can see the royals too had their eyes on this stone. Understanding the value and grandeur of Emerald, we at TJC came up with opulence in our latest collection! Browse through this manifest of emerald jewellery and pick one gorgeous green accessory for yourself today!

Emerald Jewellery:

The collection of Emerald jewellery waiting here for you is inspired by different celebrity trends and styles. From vintage to some contemporary, the patterns and compositions featured here are worth every glance. Browse below for some particular bestsellers and customer favourites:

Emerald Rings: Featured with a pool of styles and designs, the emerald rings are the bestsellers of our site. They not just feature incredible designs but are noticed to appear in trends from every now and then. The designs like halo, cluster and trilogy are the show stoppers of the range. Crafted with sheer finish and perfection, each stealer here has a story to tell! They can grace every look and with the statement designs can call for all the compliments and applauds.

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Emerald Pendants: Graced with a sleek chain, the pendants are never too much! Elegant yet simple in designs, we have multiple patterns of emerald pendants to choose from. They can be worn on any outfit due to their simplicity and with the vibrant green shade can give a very soothing and natural vibe. Now give your neckline a token of love that can delicately descend down to embrace your personality!

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Emerald Earrings: Almost every woman’s favourite part of the jewellery collection, the earrings can effortlessly create a look for you. Be it a dress or a formal attire, a change in earrings can change your whole personality in seconds. Tumbling down next to your gorgeous and silky mane, the earrings can sometimes be very confusing to pick. While the studs can be perfect for regular wears, the dangle and drops are must-haves! Peek through the range of emerald earrings and get one that best suits your energy.

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