2019: The Year Of Acceptance, Happiness And Self-Love

Doesn’t it feel like 2018 had just begun? And here we are, bidding farewell already. Here at TJC HQ, almost everyone is ready with their lists of promising resolutions for the forthcoming year. Are you too? No? Don’t worry, because this writer friend of yours is on the same boat. Why not make some right here, together?

Here is a special list of things we believe we all need to take-up in 2019. To give you a hint of what’s on our minds before we begin, we’ll reveal just one term – SELF-LOVE.

Love For Thyself

Adore spreading happiness, cheer, kindness and love amongst others but always end up craving the same? Its high-time you give some of this positivity to yourself. Sit down and recall all the struggles you’ve been through, not to feel sad about them but to rather remember how you came out of them all. The will-power behind the overcoming of these obstacles deserves your pride. Your strength to face problems head-on deserves the support of your confidence in yourself. Wouldn’t you appreciate the same qualities in others too?


So, here’s Resolution 1 –

We promise to look at ourselves the way we see the ones we love; with compassion, adoration, respect and a sense of fulfilment while we strive to improve ourselves in whatever we can.

Goodbye Resentment, Hello Acceptance

We’ve all faced bullies, ill-wishers, gossipers, assumers, back-stabbers, rumour-spreaders and more. Be it school, university, workplace or even family; they are everywhere. Then come the exes, bitter break-ups and lost friendships to top it all. One thing is certain, such people and incidents are inescapable. But we can stop them from affecting us. Resentment hides in our lives in the form of grudges, bad memories, heartbreak, self-hatred and other ways in which negativity affects us. It’s time to LET GO. Yes, it’ll take a lot of practice, but it will definitely take you towards the light. As mentioned earlier, having confidence in ourselves is very important. As we start accepting ourselves the way we are rather then self-loathe; we start taking pride in our past, feel grateful for our present and become immune to negativity. When we wouldn’t judge ourselves, we wouldn’t worry if others do. When we empathise with ourselves, we wouldn’t worry if others don’t. And if others’ poisonous words and insoluble misunderstandings are hard to move on from; just remember that they never really got to know you and wouldn’t behave this way if they did. Now, what’s the point of getting upset over some stranger’s opinion of you?


Resolution 2 –

We promise to accept ourselves the way we are so that no one’s ill-words hurt us.

How About Some Pampering?

Ever noticed how someone reacts when you give them a gift? There’s so much elation, gratitude and love that radiates from them! Now try doing this to yourself. No, it doesn’t make you selfish or self-absorbed. It is something that everyone deserves to do to themselves often. Love those expensive branded nailpaints? Buy them. Tired after a hectic week? Book an appointment to a luxurious spa and rejuvenate that weekend or simply grab a sumptuous facemask and apply, relax with some scented candles, rest your head on a soft cushion and enjoy some spa-time at home. Invite some friend over and have a spa-party! Pampering yourself once in a while is not selfishness but a necessity for your well-being.

Resolution 3 –

We promise to take out time to give ourselves something amazing at least once every month; not to spoil ourselves but to give ourselves a token of appreciation.

Meditation Is A Dependable Ally 

Often; we see people resolving to exercise better, eat healthier or tidy-up their homes more regularly. These are not bad things to begin with. Nonetheless, our mental health remains hidden behind the curtains waiting for a resolution to pull it out of the darkness towards peace and well-being. Our minds go through so much all day, every day. From the negative people, work-stress, relationship-stress, heart-breaking old memories to our tendency to overthink. Of course, exercise and good-diet help in maintaining a healthy mind; but its most effective fuel is meditation. Don’t have time? Squeeze in some during a bath! All you’ll need is a warm bath infused with an aromatic bath bomb, a fragrant candle or a diffuser. Just close your eyes and feel the warmth of the water, the gorgeous scent, shush your mind and breathe deeply. Sway your arms a little and enjoy listening to the water moving around you. You can thank us later!

iStock_000013008319_Medium (1)

Resolution 4 –

We promise to offer our minds a break from negativity by squeezing in whatever amount of time we can and meditate regularly.  

Childhood 2.0

Remember those days when we were immune to sadness? The time when the littlest of things made us super happy? When the world was full of possibilities rather than hopelessness? Everyone wishes they’d never ended. Hey, you know what? They never did. They were left behind as we got tangled in tasks, money, responsibilities, expectations, check-ins, likes, uploads, etc. Not that we can or should escape these aspects of adult-life, however, that happy and hopeful child in you is still alive! Take some time out every day and bring him/her out! Heard a funny joke? Laugh it out! Dance your heart out to your favourite song. Jump to joy on a trampoline. Take that Merry-go-round ride. And most importantly, don’t fret about people saying that you seem child-like; they have a lot of learning to do.


Resolution 5 –

We promise to keep the child in us alive, expect amazing things, dream, have fun whenever we can without hesitation and laugh our hearts out.

The Rise Of Positivity

The stories surrounding the mythical creature “Phoenix” may seem a little fairy-tale-like. Nevertheless, the  message behind them is the most beautiful thing ever. Isn’t that what life is? We are pushed down by pessimism and our life’s struggle lies in all the efforts we put into getting back up, just like a Phoenix! Even lotus, a flower loved for its unique beauty and mesmerising fragrance, grows out of murky water. Feel like you’re surrounded by negativity? There’s no point being disheartened by what we are going through. Being positive, expecting miracles, feeling hopeful and yearning to be happy are your strengths. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that positive people are more likely to work better, be more creative and create better results at whatever they do. After all, it isn’t like the world is bereft of downhearted people. And what’s the fun in losing our identity in the crowd when you can be unique?



Resolution 6 –

We promise to be someone who enjoys the light and warmth of the sun while others try to persuade us to hide with them in the darkness and complain about feeling cold.

We wonder; if one isn’t brimming with optimism and love for themselves, where will they get the same to give to others? So, let’s usher in 2019 with our hearts full of hope, lots of love, positivity and an unbeatable smile on our faces.

Happy New Year!


Image Credits: wikimedia.org, indianexpress.com

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