3 top tips to beat the Winter blues

Feeling a little blue as the cold weather sets in? Here are a few quick tricks to get your winter wardrobe from drab to fab.

Singularly unique… Pick out some fun and quirky pieces of jewellery. Go for unusual shapes, they’ll add interest and will liven up any outfit.

All things bright and beautiful… Choose bright and cheerful gemstones. Pink sapphire earrings, turquoise pendants, and emerald bracelets – how could you possibly go wrong. Adding a pop of colour has got to be the easiest way to brighten up a dull day.

Pick and mix… Stack on and mix up your bangles. Don’t be afraid to pile on the bracelets. The jingle jangle alone is sure to put a bounce in your step.

Funky ring Turquoise pendant Stack of bracelets

So there you have it. Do you have any fast fire tips for beating the winter blues?

Love TJC x

2 thoughts on “3 top tips to beat the Winter blues

  1. Why does presenter Ellis Ward keep saying “Ladies and Gentleman” repeatedly, it get svery annoying?! I do like her and her presenting style but this phrase is becoming like a tic, that she can’t seem to stop for some unknown reason. And please tell the male presenters to stop putting the rings on their fingers, yuk!!

    1. hi Marion,

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah I guess we all have our little sayings 🙂 We love Ellis here at TJC and are lucky to have to her.
      Happy New Year.


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