4 things we always plan to do in the new year

The first week of the new year is almost over and many people that started 2015 off well may already have faltered on their resolutions. 

We all do it, start the year off with plenty of promises but then lose momentum as we realise things aren't quite as easy as we initially thought. This means that ultimately we end up slowly sinking back into bad habits, only to end up making the same promises next New Year's.

So what promises or resolutions does everyone tend to make at the start of January and how can you stick them?

Get in shape

Probably the most common resolution is to get in shape. This could include eating healthy, exercising more or losing weight.

So many people start off the new year by promising to be healthier, especially after the excesses of the festive period. However, a few weeks of munching on vegetables or going to the gym every day can make your patience with the new regime get a bit thin.

Rather than going all in and burning out before February is even here, you should try and start off slow in order to build momentum as you get used to a healthier lifestyle. 

This means easing yourself into exercise, especially if you aren't used to it, and then building yourself up to work out more as time goes on and your endurance levels increase.

Cutting out all the foods you love is also likely to make you falter, so you should avoid doing this. Switch to the low-fat and low-sugar varieties of your favourites so you can still indulge every now and then. 

Things like brown rice and whole wheat pasta are also a great way to eat healthier without making huge changes, allowing you to enjoy your food and get healthier. Look for alternative recipes and change your diet for the better across a few months.

Save money

So many people start a new year determined to save some money. Unfortunately, they often fall down during the January sales, putting them on bad footing with this particular resolution.

The best way to ensure you keep up with saving money is to set up a direct debit so an affordable amount of money is transferred to your savings account every month. This way you won't accidentally spend it. 

You can pay in more if you are able to during certain months, or even increase the amount of your direct debit if you find you can regularly put more money in savings.

Have a clear out

How many of you say you're going to have a big clear out and start the year with a decluttered home? This resolution often gets as far as one room before you realise how much hard work it is and keep putting off getting around the rest of the house.

This means you end up with unwanted stuff hanging around for even longer, as well as getting more things as the year goes on.

Avoid this by setting aside a weekend for a full clear out – or two weekends if you have a lot of stuff or a big house. This way you can be prepared with bags and boxes for getting rid of everything you don't want. 

A new job

This is a really popular resolution, especially for those that want to break into a new career or have been in the same position for a while. However, it can be disheartening when you put your CV out there in January but don't get any feedback.

The main thing to remember is that this can take a bit of time, just keep going at it. Ensure your CV is good and up-to-date and keep applying. You'll end up finding the right position eventually, so you just need to keep plugging at it.

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