Feel Good Winter – 4 Winter Essentials You Need

Let’s give a warm welcome to the frosty season. Winter is finally here, and the trends have changed over the year. Let’s keep up with all the winter essentials that you’ll be needing during these chilly months! Combine basking warmth with fashionable keeps and trend it right! Below, you’ll find some of the more loved and coveted picks that are absolutely required to brave the chills of the coming months. Have a look:



Winter essentials Naturally Tribal IYA Womens Body Food

It goes without saying that winter is the harshest time for the skin. It dries up, gets scratchy, and looks flaky, all if you haven’t moisturised it for one single day. Taking proper care of the skin is absolutely vital. And the only way to go about is to pick the best skincare products. Here is the Naturally Tribal Body Food that’s the best pick for this season. It’s shea butter and bergamot components soothe and moisturise the skin for a longer duration, making it look supple and radiant. Other winter essentials for skincare are suncare (for all those hours you’ll spend in the fleeting warm sunrays,) Alicia Douvall’s Argan Oil Lip Balm and Urban Veda’s Soothing Day Cream for frequent moisturising.


Fashion and Lifestyle

Fashion winter essentials

Winter also comes with new fashion trends. You can’t keep styling those old-yet-gold sweaters and jackets for all that long. And we have the proper winter essentials selection mapped out for you, with tasteful style accessories. For instance, the above picture is an ensemble that’ll look classy, elegant, and versatile for all days and occasions. All you have to do is wear that simple white cape jacket and pop that 100% mulberry silk scarf. Voila, you’re good to go in just a few seconds! Don’t forget, cardigans and ponchos are must-haves this season and you’ll definitely need a couple, or more, in your wardrobe.



winter essentials snowflake pendant
Blue Zircon Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Pendant

Now that you’ve styled right, don’t forget the jewellery! Add a sparkle and bling to your winter essentials with our fabulous choices of jewellery designs. A revelling one-stop solution to the winter jewellery is, of course, the Snowflake Collection. The best markers for approaching winter storms are the crafty snowflakes and what’s a better match than to wear them? Get styling with stunning earrings, rings, and pendants that will add to your fabulous winter style. Other than that, diamond jewellery is one of the top picks of trends. The clear crystal complements the winter chills and colours of diamonds, like blue, pink, and white only add to the beauty.


Home Styling

winter essentials blanket
Super Soft Teddy Bear Plush Double Sided Sherpa Blanket

Now that you’ve styled yourself, don’t forget that your humble abode needs styling, too. So, what are the winter essentials that make the home feel like home? On top of the checklist are candles and home fragrances. Nothing gets a homely feeling quite like a signature scent of home. You just have to look for it. Other needful requirements are blankets and quilts, which must match with the interior of your home and rooms. Lastly, if you don’t have a fireplace, you still need that warm radiant glow to sit by. And nothing does it better than a classy lamp, illuminating the room with its beauty. Choose the one that looks spectacular, suiting the theme of the room.

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