5 Easy Steps for Finding a Made-for-You Sandal Pair!

 With summer only a few weeks away and covid restrictions eased, most of us are highly excited to welcome the much-awaited warmer evenings. It might bring one of the first few instances when you would take a walk outside freely and possibly return back to the normal life. One thing that can’t be postponed is getting a pair of good sandals. Your feet have already worked really hard indoors and weren’t once treated with the luxury of wearing sassy shoes that make them look chic and adorable. 

Don’t you want to update your shoe rack with a pair that creates a rapport of being a fashionist?


Whether you are in immediate need of a fashion-forward pair that helps you shine outdoors or just don’t want to wear the old ones, reminding you of the last few summers, our guide will come in handy.  These five steps form the basis of sandals shopping, and our footwear connoisseurs stick to them for buying pairs they can wear in the long term. 

Assess the cushioning: A cushioned insole (top surface of the sandals lined with fabric or other material) can make your life easy by providing your feet maximum comfort while you walk. The better cushioning is done on a pair; the least are the chances of experiencing any tiredness and fatigue from your walks. If you are someone who has to stand in the workplace or at home while juggling between your chores, a cushioned sandal is footwear you must own. 

How it fits: While you might think knowing your foot size is enough but considering the actual measurement of your feet is a better idea. With ageing, the size of the feet can drastically change; your feet can gain or lose weight like your body. Owning to it, the shoes that fitted you well in the past might not cover your feet comfortably and adequately. Use a measuring tape to get the length and width of your feet. When you hop on to your favourite site, check the sandal size chart, and you will know which size will fit you the best. 

Let the Straps Speak! :This year, strappy sandals are all the rage. In fact, the broad straps, you thought were old-fashioned too, are in! So, jump on the bandwagon and buy yourself a pair of chunky strapped sandals. For people who are particularly interested in iconic accessories, faux leather flip-flops are the best option. These slide effortlessly and bring a retro feel to your outfits. Gladiator flats are another excellent choice for women who love being the centre of attention. 

 Broader straps are super relaxed as they do not exert much pressure over your feet and make a bold statement; the sleek straps can’t!


Thicker Soles -For strides that never stop you from walking, you need soles that are soft, durable and thick. A pliable bottom gives your feet optimal support, offering you an enjoyable journey. When you find a sandal having all the quality along with slip resistance, you have got icing on the cake! Even while you are shopping for flats, check the heel height. On the other hand, while purchasing mules and other high-heeled sandals, opt for block heels if you find it difficult to walk in pencil heels. 

Colour: The last but most important factor is the colour you pick. Right now, the fashion gurus might be rooting for the bright, bold hues like electric pink and neo; the trend wouldn’t last long. Are you trying to invest in pair that becomes a part of your capsule wardrobe? Then, pick classic colours like white, black, tan, brown, and other earthy tones. Or you can do both by choosing pastel hues!  

To get the best of both worlds, you can choose low-length stiletto heels. 


If you ever brought a pair of sandals that afterwards you thought was no match to your personality, you will be benefited by following our guide. Creating an entire look only to find the footwear can’t be easily pulled with it can leave you helpless. But when you pick the exact shoes you needed, everything goes the way you planned. The end result is satisfying, and you get to show your true persona without any fear of falling or discomfort!

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