5 Easy tips to help you stick to your 2016 New Year Resolution!

It’s 2016 and with a New Year comes new hopes, aspirations and goals. Everyone’s a sucker for making a New Year’s resolution and no matter if you keep it to yourself or share it with your Facebook friends, we’ve all got plans we wish to fulfil throughout the year… but how do we stick to these goals without them flailing off come February?

I quipped round TJC towers and got some ideas on how you can stick to your New Year resolution that will help you stay on track and gain the body you’ve always wanted or help you quit smoking…

  1. Treat yourself

We all react well to treats which is why it’s a good way to keep on track when setting yourself a resolution. For every milestone you reach in keeping to your resolution, whether it’s a week, month, 6 months  and so on, treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on. It’s a great way to kick-start your resolution while receiving a cheeky gift from yourself… and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

  1. Keep it to yourself

This point is debateable but it’s been agreed here at TJC to keep your resolutions to yourself. It saves a lot of embarrassment if you stray from your resolution and if you fail you only have yourself to answer to… but seeing as we want all your resolutions to make a positive difference, we would advise to tell at least one person to keep you accountable if you want to see serious results throughout 2016.

  1. Create a moodboard of your goals

Remind yourself of your end goal daily. Create a moodboard that you can keep somewhere visible… on the kitchen fridge, in the car, anywhere. This will help you stay on track as it will you give you a vision and help you realise your goals are achievable. It’s all about positive affirmations!

  1. Trial run

If you have more than one resolution for 2016, it may be worth writing a list of them all and starting a trial run. This means starting as you mean to go on, but if one seems unrealistic across a span of 30 days (it takes 21 days to beat a habit), cross it off your list and focus on more realistic goals.

  1. Start NOW!

The 1st January is the start the year, and the date when most of us decided to stick to our resolution, but if you have set another date or keep putting off until ‘tomorrow’, remember there’s no time like the present so start NOW!

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