5 Efficient Hacks for Taking Care of Pearls

Pearl jewellery is an idyllic adornment that matches with any kind of look to absolute perfection! The classic and iconic additions to your ensemble are single-handedly capable of transforming your look to an ethereal one. Available not only in white, the charm of these little adornments steals everyone’s hearts. From simple stud earrings boasting a single pearl to luxurious designs with intricate and crafted royal patterns, pearls suit just every kind of design for almost any kind of occasion. In fact, you can find here an array of TJC’s pearl jewellery collection, sourced from several locations. Some of them are: Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian, South Sea, et cetera.

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However, the magic of these beauties is only cast when they’re pristine and flawless. One scratch marring their surface and their beauty gets tarnished. It makes it pertinent to know, therefore, how to care for your pearls. But worry not, dear readers. We have enlisted all things that you must know if you have expensive pearls that you need to be taking intensive care of.


  1. Wearing

    There are a lot of things that you need to take care of while you’re wearing pearls. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Let these pearls be the last thing you wear. It has been established time and again that pearls are extremely soft and susceptible to damage. Hence, you ought to keep them away from even the weaker chemicals found in your moisturizer, perfume, or compact powders. Ensure that the pearls are the last thing you wear after the application.
  • You must also make sure that when you’re back from the party, they’re the first thing to take off. You do not want to risk harming them in case of pulling, so it is safer to take them off the first.
  • After removing the pearl jewellery, remember to wipe it down using a clean and soft cloth. You need to make sure that you rid your jewellery of the perspiration and other products that it might have come in contact with. So, be mindful to clean it.
  • Refrain from wearing the pearl jewellery when you’re swimming or exercising, as the harmful chemicals found in the swimming pool might erode the surface.

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  1. Storing

    The things you need to pay close and attentive heed to while storing these gorgeous jewellery pieces are:

  • The first and the most important thing you need to know about storing pearls is that you must not store it with any other jewellery. The metal ends from any other adornment might cause scratches and abrasions.
  • Make sure that you store your pearl jewellery in a soft chamois or velvet cloth, to avoid rough surfaces. Try to fold the jewellery separately in different cloth pieces to avoid erosion by friction.
  • Pearls transform and change shape in heat and moisture. So, do not keep in an enclosed space for long. Let them breathe and wear them, flaunt them!
  • Remember, you do not hang the necklaces or bracelets that are strung with pearls. Constantly leaving them hung might cause the string to break someday and you’ll lose the exquisite pearls.

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  1. Cleaning

    Cleaning the jewellery is of unsaid importance. You need to take strict and good care of the pearls or they’ll depreciate over time. Here’s how you do it:

    • The most important thing that you need to remember while cleaning the jewellery is that pearls hold the greatest power, owing to their weak structure. If you find other gemstones studded with the pearl, remember they’re all probably stronger than these white natural occurrences. So, be gentle while cleaning them and use as little force as required.
    • Do not, under any circumstance, use harsh chemicals with pearls. These gems are incredibly soft and will immediately be rendered useless if you apply any harmful chemical to them. Try not to clean them yourself and hand them to professionals.
    • If you’re cleaning the pearls yourself, do not use brushes or harsh cloths. There is no need to scrub the surface of these gems, just gently rub the dirt away. When you’re wiping, you only the soft cloth materials.

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  2. Long-term care

    There are several things that you need to take care of, in the long run, so your pearls retain their youthful lustre, just like when you bought them. Some of these instructions are:

    • Remember to get your pearls restrung on a regular basis. It is incredibly important as the string gets weak over the time and tends to break easily.
    • Avoid wearing pearls when you’re going to the pool or taking a shower. Getting the string wet again and again will cause it to lose its strength over time and make it susceptible to breaking.
    • Keep an eye on the colour of your string as well. If it seems too dark, it means it has gotten old. Old strings tend to have a weaker structure and will snap easily at the lightest of pulls.
    • It is also imperative that you notice if the pearls string is getting loser by the day. If the pearls’ distance increases over time, it is the right call to get the string changed.

      South Sea White Pear, Natural White Cambodian Zircon, and Pink Sapphire Ring
  3. Things to avoid

    If you want your pearls to never lose the rich and flawless lustre that they’re famous for, you need to pay some special attention to them. Pearls come with a lot of responsibility. Therefore, here’s a list of things that you should strictly avoid:

    • Do not, under any circumstance, let your pearls let anywhere near harsh chemicals or any harsh atmosphere. Pearls rate only 2.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means they’re structurally incredible weak.
    • Abstain from wearing any pearl jewellery while swimming. The chlorine in the water affects the gems and makes them prone to damage.
    • Never use plastic bags for storing your pearl jewellery as they might cause scratches. Use cotton bags for the purpose as they’re softer and breathable.
    • Do not cook while you’re wearing pearl jewellery. The steam that comes off the food might affect them or stain their surface, tarnishing their appeal over time. It is advisable to take them off before.
    • It is needful to remember that pearls are found in water, which means that their natural habitat requires some about of moisture. It also means they don’t do so well in extreme dry heat. Therefore, keep them away from dryness, but not in a place with lots of moisture. Extreme of anything is bad.
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