5 Must Try Make-Up Trends For This Season

Hello there, lovely readers! We’re back from our Valentine-hiatus. After bidding goodbye to warm coffees and misty mornings, we are ready to set sail for spring season. And you all know what that means, right? It’s time for some colour and brightness!

Now, we can’t deny the fact that for the people of England, springtime or pre-summer is something completely different from what most people around the world experience. An increase of hardly 5-7 degrees in temperature isn’t very impressive (spring = winters without an overcoat). But the good news is that there are some spring/summer fads that you can flaunt without a hiccup even in the UK! Check out some below:

Let The Eyes Do The Talking


Bold eyeshadows have been the signature 80s style for too long. Now, they’ve made a glorious comeback! A slew of celebrities like Cara Delavigne and Margot Robbie have been spotted flaunting a swipe of bright colour on their eye-lids perfectly balanced with soft, coral lips and rosy cheeks. Such bright eye-shadows can be a bit difficult to pull-off given how much spotlight they draw. So, It’s important that the rest of the face is kept simple with shades closer to the skin tone like nudes, peaches and browns.

Quick Tip – To avoid going overboard with bright colours; we suggest you begin with softer, more pink-toned shades like the ones seen in our La Roc: 35 Colour Eyeshadow Palette  in shade 004 and graduate to other colours like blue, green or purple like the ones in our Klever Koncepts 9 Colour Glitter Palette in shade Vibrant as you grow more confident.

Bare But, Not So Bare


We are loving the trend of pastel, realistic and more nude-like colours that has taken over the red carpet in the past few years. Successfully flaunted by celebs like Oscar-darlings Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence to legends like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren, expert make-up artists state that sticking to colours closer to one’s complexion and the natural contours, highlights of the face with a few pumps of radiant finishing spray is the trick to nail this natural, dewy look.

Quick Tip – Make sure that you own a foundation and concealer that perfectly matches your complexion. A light-weight foundation like our Mineral Air 4 in 1 One Foundation in shade Medium Tone with a soft and pinkish eye-shadow like our La Roc: 35 Colour Eyeshadow Palette – 003 (for fair/medium skin tones) or Klever Koncepts 35 Colour eyeshadow palettes – 002 (for darker skin tones) that mimics the natural colour of your eye-lids, some mascara and barely-there rosiness on the cheeks & lips with products like Douvalls: Argan Lip & Cheek Colour Oil in shade Sweet Love will be enough to create sheer magic!

Lippies Like Hippies


Nope. We are not talking about rude people. We’re talking about bold, Bohemian lip colours that are capable of stopping traffic! Bright oranges, electric blues and mystical wines are no more associated only with unconventional artworks or avant-garde fashion shows. They have been established as regular adornments in most celebrated events. Talent-powerhouse and trend-setter Lupita N’yongo has easily pioneered this fad with ease. One more thing to note in the actress’ style is how her stylists pair bold lip-colours with pastel-themed attires and often use colour-blocking technique to perfect her look.

Quick Tip – Just like bold eye-shadows, bold lip-colours need to stand out on your face. So, balance them out with softer colours on the rest of the face. But when it comes to dresses, go on and wear those bright, solid colours or even prominent floral prints without hesitation. Try COUGAR’s Beauty Dare To Be Bold kit that provides you all that you need to perfect the iconic bold red-lip look.

Speaking Of Lips, Let Them Shine!


Gone are the days when the mere mention of lip-gloss made people go –“Ugh! So early 2000s!” But if you loved glosses just like us, then you are in for a treat! Lustrous and moisturised lips are back in fashion! Not trying to degrade matte-lipsticks here but, they do feel uncomfortable at times, don’t they? And the creases! Oh, dear God the creases they create! On the other hand, lip-glosses make the lips feel moisturised, more comfortable and easy-to-move with a crease free look! And thanks to the amazing evolution of technology, we have loads of hydrating and nourishing-oil infused lip-glosses in the market like Douvalls: Argan Lip & Cheek Colour Oil in shade Tropical Island and Douvalls: Argan Lip & Cheek Colour Oil in shade Berry Blast.

Time To Hoard On Some Bronzers, Ladies!


Now, we all know how painfully shy of England the Sun is, isn’t it? It just doesn’t show up! So, how can one get that gorgeous, goddess-like tan on their skin? Of course, there are options like tanning-machines. But what if one needs a quick-fix? Well, all you need is a bronzer! One swipe across the high-points of the face, some on the collar bones and décolletage and some on the limbs and Voila! You’re inner Beyoncé is out for all to see! But what’s even better is that bronze-themed looks are a huge hit this season. Cosmetic outlets are brimming with bronze-copper eye-shadows, lip-colours, blushes and highlighters. We have a feeling this trend is linked to the re-emergence of lip-glosses which pair-well with tanned, bronzy looks.

Quick Tip – While our kits like COUGAR- Beauty Dare To Be Bronzer and DMM Cosmetics Mineral Makeover Bronzer Kit offer everything you need for a radiant, sun-kissed face; try applying a dash of bronzer to the high-points of your arms and legs like the elbows, the edges of your fore-arms, knees, calves and also your collar bones to give the illusion of an envy-inducing, ”just-returned-from-the-Bahamas” tan.

So, now that you know what all you need for the most memorable and perfect spring/summer look; have a look at our exclusive and surprisingly inexpensive beauty & makeup collection of amazing products from designers and top-brands that will help you create the look of your dreams. We are certain that you’ll leave TJC with carts full!

Happy spring to  you!

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