5 Summer Style Hacks

Spring may have just started, but it will feel like summer soon enough! It’s time for the hot season breaks, brunches and picnics in the park, and to wear colourful clothing to keep your fashion game on top. So here at TJC, we’ve curated 5 summer hacks that can rescue your unbearable humid days. Try them out to discover how they can help you have an ultimate breezy summer.

1. Wear Flowy, Comfortable Clothes

In the summer, the looser the clothing, the more comfortable it is. The less fabric that comes into contact with your body, the better. A flowing printed kaftan or dress will keep you cooler than shorts or a tank top. Cotton clothing, for example, is more breathable and comfortable than polyester or rayon clothing. It also absorbs sweat better and dries faster, so you won’t feel as sweaty for long.

2. Add A Lightweight Scarf

When it comes to scarves, they are the must-have accessory in any women’s wardrobe collection. A scarf can be layered over any dress, tee, and jeans for a fashion-forward appearance. With distinctive designs and a wide variety, you can get the one that goes with your outfit on the TJC store.

3. Wear Timeless Espadrilles

Stylish canvas sneakers are a weekend staple, but many summer outfits (like loose flowy dresses) call for something more continental – open-toe Espadrilles are as breezy as flip-flops and as versatile as sneakers. You can make them as dressy or as casual as you choose with ties, buckles, and ankle straps.

4. Carry A Small Crossbody or Handbag

On a hot day, the last thing you want to do is carry around a large tote bag or backpack that will make you sweat profusely. Instead, grab this chance to clean out your closet and reorganise the essentials. In a small handbag or crossbody, carry only what you need. You will be less likely to exert yourself this way.

Going minimal with your jewellery is a better choice for summer. Earrings are a perfect choice because they don’t directly touch your skin, but necklaces, bracelets, and rings are often more hassle than they’re worth when the temperature rises. Other jewellery like chains or a necklace sticks to your skin, and the metal of these accessories gets hot, while other jewellery pieces like bracelets cover your wrists, which are the main cooling point on your body.

From printed dresses and stylish tops to classic textured totes and simple slip-on slides, we’ve broken down 5 Summer style Hacks into easy to choose essentials. Shop all of them here at TJC, and repeat them all summer long.

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