5+ things to do this Easter 2020 (Family Time)

Whether it’s a Good Friday family time or Easter Sunday’s lunch, this holy week can be full of celebration and merry. To continue with the zest like every other year, we are listing down some of the greatest ideas that you and your family can do this Easter 2020.

Easter 2020

If God can prove his love for his children, why can’t we? We all know, on the auspicious day of Good Friday Jesus willingly suffered and departed his life by crucifixion for the sins we did. We remember the day of Easter as the day of celebrations since Jesus was raised from the dead the very day in history. Not just for the Christians, the holy week is marked to make merry all over the globe and bring people together. Following the path steps, this Easter 2020 let’s shower all the love and blessings to our family and engage in lots of fun and funny conversations this time. While staying safe and indoor, we have ample of time to spend and plan things, this year. With celebration coming around, take this opportunity to build better bonds and strong ties with one another. While chatting and playing, one can always relive the good old days and have a happy weekend. Continue browsing for fun activities you can plot and plan:

Deck and decorate, every room and hall with all:

A fiesta is never complete without the gala decorations and flowers. Bring in some warm candles and melodious music to call one and all. From bedroom to the green garden, this Easter 2020 give the fair share of your time to each corner of the house. Start from dusting and cleaning and end with fresh flowers and fancy frames. To make it more fun, assign one room to everyone and let every individual add their style to your lovely house!

Some Home decor items that suit your taste:

Cooking is better when all cook together:

It is not always about eating together to stay together, the family who cooks together can indeed stick together! Be it the kids or adults, food can be a common interest for all. Whether it is barbecue time in the backyard or baking the sweet treats for the family, take this Easter 2020 to cultivate the skill of cooking in all. It can be a wonderful sight to see the kids whipping the cream or adults mixing the sauces; meanwhile, you can play the timing games and reward the winners for more fun!

Some wonderful kitchen appliances in our store to help you through:

Play or board game, fun is with all:

Easter 2020

Nothing can be as much thrilling as a planned family game night! With cocktail and hot chocolate on the stand, sit with all and reconnect through the classic board games. From kids to the responsible adults, a game can help in bringing people together and develop the sense of winning and skills in all. Expect loads of fun and laughter while playing casual cards or some multiplayer board games!

The Toys and games here have a big heart:

 Easter 2020 with a healthy start:

Offering your health with essentials and care is a great stride towards self –love and when shared with family, it can be an ultimate step to keep everyone healthy and happy. With the struggles of healthy lifestyle in this new year, it is important to keep a check on what we eat and feed our souls with. A regular diet is not always enough to keep one on the go and active and hence a hamper full of health essentials can be a great way to show your family that you care and with this Easter as an excuse, you can instigate the habit of care in your family!

Dose of daily essentials:

Gifts and surprises are not just for birthdays:

Easter 2020

Express your love and gift small gestures of the same to your family this Easter 2020. We recommend some of the sweetest treats for all. From Easter eggs to the baskets and flowers, this year with time and opportunity in your hand you can also discover the power of DIY and make something yourself. If not, a cross pendant, some thoughtful gifts such as family pictures and chocolate can also be your aid in the situation. This occasion is about sharing love and expressing gratitude to one and all and what can be better than showcasing the same to your family with the help of surprise gifts?

Gift ideas with crafted with love and gratitude: 

To explore more, click here  

Whilst sharing the ideas and inspirations for a great Easter, we wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy Easter day. May our egg hunts and family dinners bring everyone close and unite with all!

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