5 Things You’ll Experience When Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning isn’t all about freshly cut bouquets, deciding on colour palettes, champagne lunches and bridal magazines, it’s really so much more than that.

And while you may enjoy the luxurious things that come with wedding planning like cake tasting (yum!) there are a few things that will absolutely annoy you, so we thought we should give you a heads up;

Your fiance not caring. Once you engaged to the love of your life, it’s likely that you’ll jump straight into planning for your big day. He may be interested in the important details like what church you’ll be married in, but other decisions like what shade of pink should the bridesmaid dresses be, may not occupy you partners interest  – why?! – you may ask. Just be prepared for your patience to be tested!

Slacking bridesmaids. You thought you pulled the best of the best for your very own bridal gang. But why can you never get hold of them when you need someone to help you choose what type of ribbon goes with the bunting! You need your wing girls on hand, so call a meeting… just remember not to turn into a bridezilla.

Money. The small little details of money will drive you crazy. You really want to give back to your guests, but not at the expense of your dream dress. It won’t help that your husband to be is questioning why the dress costs so much either… No one will understand that this IS a one of a kind couture wedding dress that was made for you!

Guests asking for a guest. Why oh why can’t you send out an invitation without an influx of people asking if they can bring a plus one. Do they know how much a wedding costs in 2016?

2 Cents worth. You’ll realise everyone has an opinion and put their two cents worth even when not asked for. Keep it moving and remember it’s YOUR big day!

These are only some of the problems you may face, keep you head up and remember TJC can make some things easier…like finding the perfect pieces of jewellery

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