5 Unique Jewellery Ranges on TJC

The best way to cast magic at the parties is by clasping on something distinguishably exotic! Even the smallest addition of a unique jewellery piece will take you a long way and garner all the attention for you! We understand your need to stand out in the regular crowd. Of course, you’d want to wear something that chisels your name as the fashionista that you’ve been striving to become! And that’s why we’re boasting here about the different unique jewellery ranges that we have on TJC.


You don’t want to get lost in the sea of people wearing the same old patterns and popular thing. You’re no lamb; you’re the pack leader! And we’re here to help you flaunt that uniqueness you’re so proud of! Choose something from our bestselling and unique jewellery ranges, promising you exclusivity in design and rarity in style.


Circle of Life

Tell us, do you love the jewellery that doesn’t just sparkle but also vocalises a message? Well then, this is just the range for you! Circle of Life represents that everything comes back to where you started. It tells you the lesson of modesty and humility. You’ve to give back what you’ve taken, leaving behind vanity, greed, coveting and other worldly treasures. At TJC, we have an enormous range of earrings and pendants that feature the Circle of Life, reminding you of how grounded you should remain. This unique jewellery line has, in fact, been quite a popular feature at our collection since a very long time!

Kagem Zambian Emerald, Natural Cambodian Zircon Circle of Life Pendant


Art Deco

Art Deco period was a revolutionary time in the early 1900’s when a troupe of Russian ballet dancers visited Paris. The addition of sharp angles and symmetry was introduced not only to the jewellery designs, but also architecture! Following to that era, we have an incredibly inspirational collection portraying all that the Art Deco era stood loyal to. Our collection includes rings, necklaces, and pendants.

Sri Lankan Rainbow Moonstone Art Deco Ring


Royal Bali Collection

Royalty counts! We believe that you can channel in an air of regal flair if you clasp on a royal collection. And who says you need to bereave yourself of the princely charms? That is why we’re bringing you the best handcrafted collection from Bali! Sculpted as a result of the dedicated work of arduous Balinese craftsmen, these pieces sing legends of imperial exquisiteness. One glance at the fine detailing and you’ll never feel the need to wear anything else. And we can place a wager on that claim!

Royal Bali Collection Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring


Surabaya Gold

The eastern city of Java, Indonesia, Surabaya has made quite a name for itself in the international market, in regards to the pristine-quality gold found there. There’s absolutely no rivalled surface that shines as luxuriously as Surabaya Gold. Add to it some majestic designs and you’ll have the best piece of rare jewellery! What’s more to ask?  Promising a purity of 9k, this collection is the newest addition to our range, which makes it even rarer! Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first one to wear this sublime quality of gold!

Surabaya Collection 9K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings


JCK Vegas Collection

Of all the unique Jewellery ranges, this one takes the gold, and quite literally so! JCK Vegas is actually a programme hosted in the United States of America, which calls and caters to all the designers, to flaunt the best of their work. It is the ideal place to go hunting for the rarest pieces of masterwork. TJC has always taken a prime spot among the selectors and we bring home pieces that will urge you to buy more. Take a look at all the unique jewellery like chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more!

JCK Vegas Collection – Honey Comb Necklace


The divine skills of our designer and workers deserve all the praises there are! So, kudos to our team for coming up with an endless chain of trendsetting jewellery pieces! Portray your appreciation by browsing through our website’s range of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

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