6 Clever Bigger Diamond Tricks

We all deserve the biggest diamond that we can lay our hands on! A woman’s true best friend, there’s nothing quite like the beauty of diamonds. The sparkling rocks evoke a special charm, especially when they’re sitting at your fingers. Bigger diamond jewellery has always grabbed the attention, and all thanks go to the sparkling light reflecting off the surface. This is one of the biggest reasons why we’ve always wanted the biggest sparkler of them all; after all, bigger stone means brighter sparkle! But, alas, sometimes our budget doesn’t offer us the flexibility to shop for these stunning beauties. Don’t worry, we have just the bigger diamond tricks that will offer you the appearance of a large stone at prices that are considerably lower!


Best Bigger Diamond Tricks for Your Ring

A reserve of elite luxury, the most coveted stones of them all are diamonds! There’s nothing quite like the luxury of them. But how to get the biggest diamonds? Well, there are a few clever ways for that. Below are mentioned some of the bigger diamond tricks that will make your gem in the ring appear the biggest!


1. Perks of a slim band


The best trick to make your diamond appear bigger is by picking a slimmer band. The width of this band beneath the stone forms a ratio. The slimmer your band is, the bigger your stone is going to appear. This is as opposed to when you pick wide, gleaming or decorated bands that make the sizzle or centre mellow down a bit. If you’re unable to find a sleek band, opt for the one that tapers as it gets closer to the centre stone. Your diamond ring will appear to have that desired elegant and extravagant effect when everyone can easily appreciate the mammoth size and beauty of the centre gem.


2. Round is not the only shape


Another one in all the fabulous bigger diamond tricks is to opt for diamonds in other cuts than round or brilliant. It’s not only because these fancy cuts will look unique, but there’s also a bigger reason for it. Round and brilliant cut diamonds are usually priced much higher than the other cuts. Meaning that you’ll be paying the same price for a brilliant-diamond of a lower carat weight as that for a fancy-cut sparkler of higher carat weight. If you’re shopping in a budget but still want a bigger stone, then opt for the cuts that offer you a bigger size at small prices.


3. Clusters of Joys!


A cluster is called when lots of smaller gems are closely placed together, in a snug fit, that they appear as one whole stone. Applying this setting can prove to be quite helpful in our bigger diamond tricks. If you opt for a design that features lots of sparkling diamonds placed super snug and close to each other, then they might appear as one stone from a distance. This trick might come in very handy when you pick lots of lower-carat stones placed together. It would cut the costs and still offer you the appearance of a large gem.


4. White shine makes sparkle bigger


A neat trick for getting the appearance of a bigger diamond is choosing a white base. Opt for ring designs that have been made in white gold, rhodium, platinum, and metals as such. These white tones blend with the base of the diamond of your choice, highlighting its shine more. The light reflected off the stone as well as the band makes the gem appear much larger than it is. It’s more or less the same as putting mirrors in the room, which is supposed to make the room appear larger. Have the desired effect of a massive stone when you’re using these white metals of choice.


5. Fewer prongs are the best way to go


Prongs are the claws that prevent the set stone from falling out. In diamond rings, you’ll majorly find the prong setting itself, as it offers maximum light and visibility to the gem. However, it is known popularly among the bigger diamond tricks that lesser prongs mean more surface area for the stone, itself. But let it be made sure that the prongs are secure and safe, however many you choose. In most cases, you’ll find 6-8 prongs to hold a gem. You may opt for designs with as little as 4 prongs but ensure that they’re secure and will not let the gem fall out on impact.


6. Hello, Halo!


And lastly, you can go for a halo design. Halo designs are considered when there’s a centre stone set in prongs, surrounded by other gems forming a halo. This close setting lets the centre stone appear larger. In fact, from a distance, you may also get the appearance of the halo as one giant stone, if all stones are of the same colour. It is indeed a wonderful way to make your centre diamond look bigger, better, and brighter!

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