6 Colourful Varieties Of Diamonds At TJC

What?? There are varieties of diamond other than classic white? No way! Well, the truth is that there are at least 5 to 6 other colourful types of this indomitable gem. Yup! We were just as amazed as you are feeling right now.

Fun fact – Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. Oh, you lucky you April borns! The ideal representative of the determined, strong and independent personas of Arians and Taurians, this sparkler has enjoyed being the most preferred gemstone when it comes to jewellery for decades.

In search of a unique diamond-studded marvel for yourself? Then you need to know that you do not need to settle with only the iconic white ones. After all, a woman deserves some spectacular options to choose from, isn’t it? Here are the top 6 coloured diamond varieties that we offer:

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Jewellery

One of the rarest types (collectors find only one against 200,000 pieces of white diamonds!), this rich and muddy-blue to midnight navy hued diamond gets its stunning and unique colour from the presence of boron atoms within its structure.

Best when paired with: White toned metals like white gold, platinum

Associated with: Royalty, elegance, grace, calmness, honesty, determination

Red Diamond 

Red Diamond Jewellery

Sometimes, nature creates magic with just a nanometre of movement! Take the creation of red diamonds for example. This coloured variety is the result of a unique process called ‘plastic deformation’ wherein a slight change in the atomic structure of diamond makes the gem absorb and reflect red light. Rest assured, if you wear a red diamond, you’ll be flaunting nature’s successful science experiment!

Best when paired with: Yellow gold for a warmer, harmonious look and white toned metals for a sharp contrasting effect

Associated with: Intensity, passion, romance, good luck, enlightenment, power

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond Jewellery

Exhibiting a mesmerising melange of subtle purple and soft pink, pink diamond looks like something handcrafted by the finest painters! The gem gets its characteristic colour thanks to the inner grain formation being different from that of classic white ones. The slight presence of hydrogen in some specimens can also result in the charming colour.

Best when paired with: Rose gold and only rose gold! Not that other metals don’t flatter pink diamonds. But what rose gold manages to do is simply mind blowing!

Associated with: Luxury, affluence, prosperity, the Universe, wisdom, experience, better relationships

Green Diamond

Green Diamond Jewellery

How green diamonds came to be is one intriguing story. And our planet Earth’s age is a huge reason behind it. It is well known that diamonds have been around for millions of years taking their sweet time to form from organic carbon. Some of these gems endured years of exposure to naturally occurring radiation resulting in an earthy, brownish and appealing green hue. Like pink diamonds, trace presence of hydrogen can also be responsible for the rich colour.

Best when paired with: Yellow gold because this radiant metal finish creates a nature-inspired look with green diamonds that can melt even the coldest of hearts.

Associated with: Life, faith, truth, health, youth, energy and strength

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond Jewellery

If ripe limes ever get transformed into a gem stone, they’ll look like yellow diamonds. This gorgeous gem boasts of a vivacious, greenish and summery yellow colour that is the result of just the right amount of nitrogen present in the gem.

Best when paired with: A combination of metal finishes. Although both yellow and white tones work pretty well with yellow diamond, the rich brilliance that multiple metal finishes bring to the table is simply outstanding.

Associated with: Creativity, clarity, joy, vitality, wealth, self-confidence

Champagne Diamond

Champagne Diamond Jewellery

We’re sure that we’re not the only ones who have always been fascinated by the sultry, smoky colour of champagne. And nature, like always, has left us far behind in being creative with this colour. Champagne coloured diamonds exist! This stunning variety of diamond gets its stunning, soft chocolate brown to cognac colour from the natural parallel positioning of grain lines inside it. This makes the gem absorb and reflect a mix of primary colours from sunlight forming, you guessed it, brown!

Best when paired with: Yellow as well as white toned metals. Given how versatile earthy brown diamonds are, they work well with most metal finishes.

Associated with: Humility, the Earth, nature, grace, harmony and leadership

Did you know? Diamond may be one of the rarest gem stones known to humankind but coloured diamonds are even rarer! Also, we have curated some of the most striking jewels from our diamond collection to help you find the most perfect coloured diamond bauble. So, take a look at our coloured diamond jewellery collection and get bedazzled.

Sparkle all the way!

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