6 Engagement Ring Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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Engagement rings have forever been linked with the perfection of all things. If elegance had a face, it’d reflect on the zealous sparkle of the stone of your engagement ring. It’s the sign of your love; it’s the memory you’ll take forth and keep forever. But, there are some tips and engagement ring myths that you need to know before you venture out shopping for it.

Limited Edition 9K Yellow Gold Zambian Amethyst, Diamond and Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring

Engagement is the fondest and arguably the most important moment of your life. It is the time when you unravel the most meaningful words and speak your heart in the most uninhibited way. Everything is grand and everything pure at the transcending moment! The warmth cascading through your veins and the almost overwhelming surge of emotions marks the valuable moment forever. It is only understood that you’d want nothing to go wrong.  The moment needs to be perfect, the time needs to hold still, and the universe needs to be realigned to suit the magic you’re casting. However, all of it boils down to the right type of engagement ring.


All that said, there is so much pressure to buy the perfect ring. The moments or choosing your ring have to be filled with love and adoration, not nervous frenzy and anxiety! The engagement marks the love you both have for one another; it’s not a quiz judging how much you score! And that’s why these following engagement ring myths need to be debunked and shed!


  • The engagement ring has to be worth three months’ salary

    9K Yellow Gold Natural Indian Ocean Apatite, Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring

    Honestly, I don’t even understand who’d think that is right in any sense! Let’s get real. Three month’s salary would entail that you should have enough resources stocked away in your savings that you can afford living without any cold, hard cash. Does that sound reasonable? What if there are debts and loans to pay off? Real life has mortgage and liability. Spending three months’ worth salary on an engagement ring is a ludicrous idea unless you’ve inherited a fat trust fund, which would take care of your worldly matters!


  • If it’s bigger, it’s better

    Signature Collection – ILIANA 18K White Gold Natural Unheated Purple Sapphire and Diamond Ring

    Yet another of the several engagement ring myths is that the stones need to bigger and better. Don’t you think that it’s kind of presumptuous to buy the biggest and baddest sparkle of them all even if the love of your life is a quaint and modest person? She’d hate it! So, no, it’s not better if it’s bigger. The ring should match the personality of the wearer. Size really doesn’t matter.




  • Don’t take her along with!

    9K White Gold AA Santa Maria Aquamarine, Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring

    I understand the need for a surprise proposal. It’s how they do it in the movies and it’s sort of among the standard engagement ring myths that you pop the question with a blasting surprise. However, to come to think of it, it’s not all that necessary, is it? She knows her choice the best. Do you really want to wing it? What if she doesn’t like it? Engagement rings are a permanent fixture of all the love you have for her and it needs to be perfect. Purchasing it together makes the most sense, to be honest.


  • The jeweller knows what’s best for you

    9K Yellow Gold AA Tanzanite (Oct), Diamond Ring

    No, he does not. A jeweller does certainly not know you. He/she won’t know your tastes, your choices, your budget, nothing! You know the best. At most, they can give you ideas and present the array they serve. In the end, you cannot be cajoled into buying a ring that doesn’t match the beauty of your beau. This one of the engagement ring myths is definitely not for the keeps!


Don’t make mistakes that you regret later and shop wisely for the best engagement ring that she’ll wear forever. You do not have to pay any heed to the plenty engagement ring myths that cause hurdles. Do what you think is right and just go with that gut feeling!

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