6 instances where you should take off your engagement ring

An engagement ring symbolises the love and devotion two people share, which is why engagement rings are ultimately circle.  The circle is a very sacred shape, with symbolic geometry, as they have no beginning and no end, representing eternity, renewal, wholeness, and perfection.

Even though, an engagement ring should never come off as long as you are engaged, hoping to get married, there are however, a few instances where you should take off your engagement ring, in order to protect it, from being damaged or ruined.

Here’s 6 instances where you should take off your engagement ring…

When you go swimming – Swimming with your brand new engagement ring is definitely a no-no! Did you know cold water can cause your hands to shrink? This makes it easier for your ring to slip off while in a swimming pool, but also, chlorine will damage your precious stone and setting.

When you hit the gym – We know you’re probably trying to keep fit and follow a gym routine before your big day but beware wearing your engagement ring during your exercise sessions. The metal of yor ring can easily be bent out of shape while using heavy weights, plus sweaty hands can make it super easy for your ring to slip off. Don’t let your diamond get away.

Cleaning – Whether you’ve gone for a classic diamond or a more contemporary stone like an Emerald or Tanzanite, it’s worthwhile taking your dream ring off while you clean. Chemicals, no matter how soft they may seem, can damage the quality of your stones and eventually ruin your engagement ring.

Painting and Decorating – There’s nothing like thinking you ‘got this!’ then ending up with plattered paint marks on your ring  –  the horror :(. Ensure you take off your wedding ring as once paint gets on your ring, it’s so hard to get off… and don’t even think about using white spirit (read point 3)!

Moisturising – While it may be OK to moisturise with silver jewellery on – as oils make silver more lustrous, doing thins with a gemstone set in your favourite metal will only be damaging as moisturisers will slowly dull and tarnish your beautiful ring over time.

On your wedding day – Lastly, and most surprisingly, wearing your engagement ring on your ring finger during your ceremony may make things run a little less smoothly – like trying to squeeze your wedding band on comfortably lol. Make things easier and pop your engagement ring on another finger instead, you can always set them together later on in your big day!

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  1. Hey Rianne, thanks for the great blog on when you should remove your ring – I think that a lot of people accidentally clean delicate rings like tanzanite ones, and that can really ruin them. Painting and decorating is one that I hadn’t thought of before, but that definitely makes sense.

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