6 Jewellery Hacks For Real-Life Struggles

Say it without a hitch but the struggles of a woman can only be understood by another mighty warrior sensing the same. Pulling all the nitty-gritty details, drama and a pop of glamour, her never-ending endeavours to always look beautiful comes with no easy ride.

For instance, jewellery- the quintessential accessory to always glam and groove places its own set of struggles.

Did you ever imagine how frustrating it is – finding your necklace at the bottom of the jewellery box with heaps of tangle. Or for that matter, encountering that precious silver bracelet losing all its sparkle? And if all that is not enough, how unfateful it is to secure the clasp on the bracelet when no one is around? We sense your agony ladies!

But hey, isn’t this a surprise if you can ward off all these struggles by simple and quick jewellery hacks?


So, jump in right here as we unroll the mystery and get you some quick hacks straight:

1. Untie the knots with baby powder

You might not have heard it, but if you did, you know how mind-blowing this quick hack is. Now no more struggling with the pin and spending hours to finally unknot the tangled chain or necklace.

Place your necklace or chain on a clean plate and sprinkle some baby powder on the knotted area. This way the knot becomes super loose and can easily be detangled with the aid of a needle or a sharp object handy. One may also use baby oil but consider the greasiness it gives, your call.

Don’t miss washing it up with mild soap and warm water to combat the dirt if any. Voila, you have your necklace glittering.

2. Fasten the bracelet all by yourself

Bracelet Jewellery hack

The unwavering love for bracing your arms with a bracelet is real but fastening the clasp on the bracelet “all by yourself” is a real struggle itself. But not anymore when you can do it at the drop of a hat. Frustration swiftly sweeps in when you are about to snap it on, and one end slides off your wrist and here you are back on zero.

How about a paper clip? Yeah, simply thread the paper clip through the catch and use another hand to clasp it together. No more sliding now.

3. Shine back silver jewellery

No compromise with your silver sparkle when you can beat it with some stuff right from your kitchen and of course, no need to spend a dime for it. Want to know how?

Take a ceramic bowl and place tin foil, assuring shiny side up. Now, fill the bowl with water, a teaspoon of baking powder and a teaspoon of salt with a dash of white vinegar. Next place the stained and lifeless silver jewellery into the bowl for five minutes. An ideal method for plain silver jewellery, though one with gemstone should be treated under guidance.

4. No necklace tangling with straws

necklace jewellery hack

While you are travelling, you can give this simple jewellery hack bouts of kudos. Plastic drinking straws could be of big help when you pack your necklaces. Don’t let them tangled by inserting half of the necklace into the straw, this way the firm plastic border will protect them from getting tangled. Happy girls, you no more have to stress out on your holidays with a tangled stuff now.

5. Hair getting caught up in your necklace clasp

How many of you have faced it? Yes, we all. Long hair girls have witnessed it more often with hair getting caught on the clasp of the necklace back and forth.

Here is the fix. Use a short length of aquarium tube from a pet shop and snip off a small piece to cover the clasp. Next, slide it onto the chain and fasten the chain once done.

6. An eraser as an earring screw

The fret of losing your earring’s screw is more than a nightmare and if you lose one while getting dolled up for the party, oops- nothing can’t match the pain. So, here you replace the screw with a tiny piece of eraser, and it works just brilliant.

Here you are. Make your bling game on point with these real-life jewellery hacks and deck up your jewellery with no hassle at all.

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