6 Simple Tips For Your Unforgettable Summer Proposal

Who doesn’t like a comforting breeze of love coming their way and when it is from your loved ones there is no looking back. Summer proposal is an ideal time to pull out your dream wishlist in roll unlike any other season when the harsh and ruthless cold and rains do not leave any scope to let you reach the zenith of love.

Ideally, just let your imagination play with your mind when you pop the question this summertime and can opt for fun and romantic opportunities to top off your most anticipated task. Isn’t the question itself gives you immense euphoria?

Opt for a Scenic Place

Summer time and you are planning for an indoor proposal? No, that doesn’t fit the vibes. Get out and explore the opportunities lying outside. A beach vacation, a camping trip and voila you can plan your proposal likewise. In fact, if the weather allows, propose in the later end of the day when there is no soaring heat.

Capture the Moment

What’s the sense when you are anticipating that big day proposal and missing on capturing the moment. A sin it is. We recommend hiring a photographer or let your friends play one for a moment to get the best click. After all, it is something you are rightfully going to cherish forever. An advice here- Since it is the summer time and there are lots of weddings, make sure to pre book your photographer to alleviate any last minute troubles.

Proposal Tips

Plan it as a Surprise

Take your girl by surprise when you put the question and the entire fiesta of summer proposal in place. Yes, she will definitely go weak at her knees for all the love so poured in. We understand something so huge is hard to be kept discreet, but trust us it will be all worth it at the end. Take help of family or friends to distract her for a while if needed. Also, don’t act lame by giving her extra hints of something weird.

A Back-Up

For all of you note this. In life, there should always be a place for Plan B and so in this very vital thing. What if the heat waves blow out your complete arrangement, or it starts raining suddenly or for that matter mother nature has planned something else for the very day? Have a back-up ready like popping the very question at her favourite place or any romantic place in the tow

Her Diamond or Her Birthstone

Since it’s a summer proposal and you have all the world to your rescue, we advise not getting mistaken in finding the right bling for her fingers. Select a solitaire, her birthstone ring or any sought after classic or new age engagement ring, but make sure her favourite element is in there. After all, it will be something she is going to put on forever.

Proposal rings

Embrace the togetherness

Yes, the thing you have always dreamt of finally falling into place. So, give some time to the very moment and embrace the new journey. Take time off just for each other before officially announcing to the world. It may let you go reminiscent of how you guys started the journey and there are miles to go now. Trust us, these little things will add to the exciting ride you are going to celebrate further.

Here you go folks, celebrate the love you have in your life and plan a proposal that let you gush over it for LIFE.

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