6 Types Of Brides And The Wedding Rings That Best Suit Them

Getting married this year? Are you looking for the most perfect ring for you bride-to-be? Then you’ve come to the right spot. Here, we’ll discuss about the most common types of brides that we’ve all seen around us and what we think will be the best wedding-ring styles for them accordingly. We are certain that your better-half will effortlessly fit into one of these types. So, read on to share a laugh or two with us and make finding the perfect ring a bit easier for yourself.


The perfectionist
Warner Bros.

These beauties are everywhere! They take control of the whole event and play the role of event organiser, decorator, financer, planner and of course, the bride. They don’t want anything to go wrong. Their guest-list is precise, wedding-menu is varied and venue-decoration is extravagant with no scope of errors. Their main goal is to create a memorable event that leaves everyone happy, amazed and satisfied, including themselves.

Best ring style: These multitaskers need something that stands out and adds another facet to their precisely planned Big Day. We suggest you opt for something that looks royal like massive halo rings or solitaire rings.


20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

These beauties wish to have the best wedding but end up being worried and anxious. If the implementation of their wedding plans goes even the slightest bit off centre, all hell breaks loose. They are constantly conflicted between trying to make the event great and the realization that they’re life is about to change. They are burdened by nervousness, panic, tears, overwhelming emotions, frustration and tantrums. Somebody go give these brides a hug! Just writing about all of this makes us want to rush to the nearest bar and get a Pina-Colada or something to calm our nerves…phew!

Best ring style: What can instantly calm a nervous bride down? The brightest sparkler ever! So, opt for something that spell-binds them and shows them what really matters like a rare stone cut ring (marquise or Ascher cut, for example) or highly polsihed band rings.



These brides are the ones responsible for those days when we open Instagram and the wedding-Gods flood our newsfeeds. Even if you haven’t attended their wedding; you’ll know exactly how it was decorated, what everyone ate and what the bride looked like from the left, right, front, top, bottom, under a tree, through a bicycle wheel, from bird’s eye-view, from ten feet under the ground, from space, etc. They love the attention that comes their way. But who can blame them? After all, it’s their day.

Best ring style: These lively and celebrity-esque brides would love something that matches their vivacious personalities and is worth flaunting. We suggest you go for something that looks purely made for them. How about coloured stone rings or something unconventional like rose gold rings?


The Mirisch Company, Seven Arts Productions
The Mirisch Company, Seven Arts Productions

Aah! The regal, elegant old school bride. These ladies do not like their weddings being flashy, big or extravagant. They seek a simple, close-knit event where they can invite only the people they are super close to. This reflects on their dress and the venue’s decoration as well. You’ll witness lots of crisp and smooth silks, pastel hues and subtlety in their wedding. The emotions and love associated with this event are huge priorities for them rather than what everything looks like.

Best ring style: Something that is note-worthy yet sophisticated, subtle. Classic designs like band rings, wishbone rings, minimally studded rings are perfect to denote forever love and bond; exactly what these brides seek.



The trendiest and the boldest of the lot, these brides want their wedding to be unique and extremely personalised. Heavily inspired by Instagram-stars and other celebrities, their dress would look like a mix of old and new hand-crafted by the angels. You’ll be greeted by abstract, hippie and avant-garde sights. They’re usually the mix of most of the types we’ve discussed above with better knowledge and quick solutions thanks to the Internet. Their highlighter will be POPPIN’, eye-brows would be ON-FLEEK and pictures would look heavenly! Regardless, these brides would absolutely amaze and inspire you.

Best ring style: Quite like The Celebrity bride, these beauties will love something that is “Instagram-worthy.” A unique and outstanding design works best for them. Try going for bold solitaire rings that match the wedding’s colour scheme. A super sparkling cluster ring set would be great too.


Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

This is the kind that every bride-to-be on earth seeks to be. She’s sorted, calm, happy and relaxed. If our office tasks were to be done by her, they’d be completed at least an hour before lunch-time. Such brides prepare everything well in advance and when D-Day arrives, they have nothing left to do but enjoy every moment of it. Problems and errors don’t bother them; probably because at that moment, everything else is already working according to plan. An extremely rare kind, they certainly are.

Best ring style: These SUPER-CHILL brides know too well what going with the flow means. So, feel free to be creative when getting a ring for them. However, these beauties are more likely to adore jewels that are hassle-free, romantic and dainty like wishbone rings, classic band rings or halo rings with studded shoulders.

No matter what type you or your bride falls in, weddings are inexplicably special. It does not matter what’s not going according to plan. What matters is the coming together of two soulmates and everyone they care about gathering to celebrate their LOVE.

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