6 Ways To Keep Your Face Looking Fantastic All Summer

The summer season is knocking at the door. In no time, the temperature wold be reaching new peaks and we cannot wait to get our favourite tops and skirts ready. But there is this one thing that we just can’t help worrying about – our skin! If not taken good care of, summers can be an absolute nightmare for the skin. To top it all, this season is absolutely unpredictable with random spouts of rain, sweaty afternoons and chilly evenings.

No wonder, this is the best time to hoard all the summer-skincare hacks and products we can possibly get our hands on. So, here are a few tips to ensure that your face remains radiant and pristine all season:

Better Not Underestimate The Power Of Sunscreen


Even though the UK isn’t very lucky when it comes to sun exposure, yet a little bit of sun exposure is enough for it to affect our skin – both positively and negatively. It is very important that we strike a balance between protection from and exposure to sunlight. While the right amount of exposure (around 10 to 15 minutes) helps the skin absorb vitamin D and improves melanin levels, excessive exposure without the protective layer of sunscreen may cause heavy damage. So, every time you head out to enjoy a warm day, don’t forget to massage in some sunscreen (with minimum SPF of 15 units). Check out our exclusive and inexpensive range of sun-care products for this purpose.

Proper Sleep = Flawless Face


Ever noticed how your face glows when you’ve enjoyed good 8-hours’ worth of undisturbed sleep? Well, the scientific reason behind this is that our skin-cells are in their prime healing & repairing mode when we are asleep. Old cells get discarded and new cells take birth all through the night. Hence, it is extremely important that we not only thoroughly clean & nourish our skin before heading to the bed but also enjoy optimal sleep to allow our body’s natural regeneration process to finish successfully. So, make sure that you are getting adequate amount of rest these summers. Try our fantastic range of cushions, quilts and blankets to help you feel cosier and more relaxed while you sleep.

Makeup Removal Is No Child’s Play

Makeup concept, Closeup asian woman applying eyeliner on eye

Many of us do not realize how important it is to get rid of every bit, EVERY BIT, of makeup before going to bed. And no, just washing your face with a facewash or only using make-up wipes isn’t enough. Summers are bound to make us sweat and the high-temperatures make our skin produce more sebum. If make-up is not removed completely, its remnants mix with these and result in horrible breakouts and blocking of pores. We recommend that you use a high-quality makeup remover, preferably cream/oil-based (try Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm), to remove all makeup and follow-up with a mild yet thorough facial cleanser. Continue the process with toning and moisturising for best results. Explore our range of high-quality and cruelty-free skin-care products for this purpose.

Wash The Face, The Right Way

Harper's Bazaar
Harper’s Bazaar

Most of us finish this step within seconds. But here’s the truth – take your time. Yes, don’t just rub the cleanser in one or two motions and wash it off, take your time in lathering it up and massage the face gently for at least a minute. This helps the cleanser reach deep into the skin’s pores and pull out dirt, residual make-up and grime with it.  Trust us! Even if all you do is THIS for even a week, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how clear and radiant you’re face looks! Make sure that you are using a facewash that suits your skin type and is mild and foamy. Some products like CB&CO: Snake Venom Trio Set from our special skincare range are great for this purpose.


Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

Oh, how much can we possibly emphasise on how dramatically the touch of our hands affects our skin’s health? We all know how sticky and sweaty summers can be. On top of that, our hands get in contact with so many things – food, dirt, people, tables, walls, metal and more. Unless and until we wash our hands after every touch (which is impossible), they harbour lots of bacteria and dirt that should be miles away from our skin. When we touch our faces, even if nonchalantly, we transfer all of this to our delicate skin resulting in breakouts, allergies and clogged pores. So, make sure that your hands stay away from your face as much as possible.

Nourished Skin Is Happy Skin

ABC Network
ABC Network

Lastly, nourishing the skin is undeniably vital. Our face needs extra care to beat the heat. So; refreshing, cooling, detoxifying face-masks & nourishing, hydrating serums will be great to keep your skin healthy and happy these summers. Another classic way to ensure that your skin is hydrated is to drink adequate amount of water. 7 to 8 glasses of water per day can combat even the most stubborn acne and dullness with its detoxifying and cleansing qualities. So, the next time a celebrity says that their secret to good-looking skin is water, listen to them!

Summer season is just so beautiful, no one deserves to feel uncertain to step out and enjoy it because of the skin-issues it creates. So, go on and take liberal help from this list and get ready to beat the heat with your shield of best skin-savers.


Happy summers to you!


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