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  1. Happy Birthday Derek. Can I ask Derek where he’s from? He mentioned Fife before. I’m from Dunfermline in Fife. My son will be 34 on Friday. Might have been in maternity hospital same time as his mum????

    1. Hey Chrissie, Our lovely presenter Stacey isnt leaving, she’s going on Maternity leave! 🙂

  2. I like the bracelet I received to it was in a nice box, unfortunately I believe that I should have got the 25% off like the introduction email said. This hopefully will be put right and I will get a refund back it my bank account, then everything will be perfect. If for some instance you have not still got my bank details then just ask and I will supply then to you. I look forward to get the refund and or contact very soon.

  3. Just watching Amit and Chloe. I bought the plum bag that was previewed by Chloe last Thursday. I do bags and love them but this is amazing!!!
    Should have bought in all the colours!

  4. Will you b selling item 2098137 in a sale . I purchased these a while ago with a pendant to match. I have lost one of the earrings. Can you help.

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