7 Incredible Restyling Home Ideas

It’s dawning the summer time! A time where you welcome guests and parties! But, wait, aren’t you bored with the same old home décor that you’ve had for years? Perhaps, it’s time to restyle and redesign. Don’t worry about the costs and the efforts, for we’ve covered all of that for you. Here, in this post, we’re suggesting some of the best home décor ideas that will help you restyle your humble abode and that too within the budget!


  • Hand-painted multi-coloured Butterfly and Flower Wind Spinner

Hand-painted multi-coloured Butterfly and Flower Wind Spinner

Welcome the summary winds with vigour and happiness with this cheery wind spinner. Prettied up with hand-painted patterns of flowers and butterflies, it will transform the look of your garden, magically! Post it at the entrance and beam at the smiling and cheerful faces of your guests as they walk past it! You can plant it anywhere outdoors, preferably near a bed of colourful flowers so it looks even more natural.

· Heyland and Whittle Limited Edition Candle in glass

Heyland and Whittle Limited Edition Candle in glass

Nothing is more settling and appreciative than a homely fragrance. Make your home a humble and calm place of utter relaxation as you light up this candle from Heyland and Whittle. With a soothing smell and small, dainty, and classy glass jar, the candle is just what you need to swathe your home in a blissful abode of tranquillity. Making the efforts of restyling home easy, it will comfort you with its soothing smell!

· Tiffany-style Dragonfly Pattern Floor Lamp

Tiffany-style Dragonfly Pattern Floor Lamp

Add a twinge of prized antiquity to your décor with this exemplary lamp. Place it in a noticeable corner and watch it transform the entire look of the room with its unique and stately presence! Furnished with turquoise and blue glass pieces, it flaunts an immaculate pattern that’s dusted with a sheen of pristine glamour. The best part is that it is available in many colours, which you can match with the lay of your room!

· 5-pieces Cocktail Set

5-pieces Cocktail Set


A dinner party is incomplete without a few drinks! Go merry with this set of cocktail preparation apparatus and device your own, unique drink. Impress your guests with a flair of dramatization of your bar-man skills as you shake a delicious cocktail. We don’t need to sell the idea to you as you know how important a good-tasting cocktail is!

· Heavy Weight Wolf Faux Fur Blanket

Heavy Weight Wolf Faux Fur Blanket

For those chilly days of cold visits, you need a cosy fix! This faux fur blanket not only looks like a comfortable dream but feels magically luxurious too! Take our word; this is something that you definitely need as it takes your room’s elegance several classes higher! Make it your go-to hub for endless snuggles and comfort day-in; we know we’re getting it! In the neutral tone, you can put it in any room and watch as it finished that one thing you always thought your room needed!



· Marble Flower Vase with beautiful miniature painting

Marble Flower Vase with beautiful miniature painting


A valuable centre-piece for sure, this vase brings an air of royalty to the room! Sculpted out of the beautiful marble, the colour of this vase is as versatile as it gets, allowing you to place it in any room! Watch all your guests swoon at the appeal of the gorgeous miniature painting that graces its design. With ambient colours, this piece will look exotic kept anywhere!



Serving platters are equally as important as the dish, and you know it! To save grace, we are presenting a collection of different platters for different dishes and several occasions. Stock up on these and get praised for your excellent hosting! he best part about these small additions is that it instantly makes a difference in your restyling home ideas with little cost and minimal effort.


Don’t sweat too much thinking about how difficult your home decor overhaul will be. We’re here to help select from the best, with the products displayed above and beyond! Get a diverse range of TJC’s home decor collection for a lot more riveting pieces!


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  1. I love all the things you show, especially the jewelry. I lived in Scotland from September 1997 to September 2013. Watched TJC a great deal. Loved to oooo & aah most of the time for the beautiful things that were shown to the viewers. Nothing quite matches in NZ what you do. Continue the lovely programme as I’m sure your many viewers in the UK love your show as much as I did/do.
    Margaret Smyth, New Zealand .

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