7 Legit Reasons For Falling In Love With Emeralds

From the league of expensive foursome gemstones we all are entitled to know- Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire and Emeralds, the green stone is our fancy for the Month. Emeralds, as they say, are an epitome of Royalty.

Why are we saying this?

Because, hello, ignoring anything engraved with Emeralds is a sin.

Many stories have been told, many pages have been unfolded, and in fact, countless sights of this stone have seemingly let you fall in love with this gemstone even more. Being a birthstone for May babies, it only adds reasons to get the dazzle of Emerald in your jewellery collection.

So, if you have still not fallen in love with the unblemished charm of emeralds, we are giving more reasons to fall head over heels and get yourself a pair or two of emerald jewellery.

Reason #1

This gemstone is specific to colour- GREEN. The more intensely green colour it has, the more expensive it will be. That said, in a lifetime, you have gone through some timeless classic heirlooms of Emerald and the intense green hues now may give you the worth. Isn’t it?

Well, The Royal Family, time and again, astounds the world with flashy and huge Emerald baubles and we can only gush about the skyrocketing values.

Reason #2

A high grade of clarity with few inclusions make up for an ideal emerald stone. The more the inclusions in the gemstone, the lesser will be its value. Generally, a superior emerald naturally possesses a high degree of clarity with a low number of inclusions and therefore need not undergo any treatments.

Reason #3

If history is to be believed, Pharaohs were the loyal connoisseurs of Emerald. Ever since after the oldest mines were excavated, giving us cues for Cleopatra’s deep love for these green bling babies. Not only Egyptians but Romans’ stories of seamless Emerald love has come in striking many unsaid chords.

It is not wrong to say- the eternal love for Emeralds is remarkable that even History cannot get over of the impeccable shine and radiant green hues.

Reason #4

Also, stories may not feed your mind, and the modern instincts do not play with old school charm.  Modern age demands more connectivity with the lifestyle, age and environment they have been nurturing themselves. Hence, Emerald is a stone that connects with you and your life with more meaningful reasons. The symbolic values of this stone are irresistible and may certainly get your fancy.

It is said to empower:

  • Tranquility and inner wisdom
  • Entices love, harmony and abundance
  • Opens the heart chakra and let you love people around
  • Brings in truth

Reason #5


Coloured stone engagement and wedding rings are doing all the gaga and sneaking away from the psyche “Diamonds are girl’s best friend”. Really? No more. A millennial has a sight to experiment and coloured gemstones like Emerald is an indisputable love. True choice, though! Emerald cut engagement rings wear the hats of being supremely sophisticated and a total stunner for being that stylish.

Reason #6

Brides today are not timid in flaunting their individuality with beautiful blue, radiant red and gorgeous green gemstones and some even have no qualms in putting up with their birthstone as the stone of the engagement ring. So, time is changing we see. It has given you an insight on how to propose your lady love if she is a May baby. Emeralds, oh yes!

Reason #7

Celeb game is fairly real in making the appearances with a dazzling green shine of Emeralds. From Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Jenny McCarthy, Amal Clooney and yes —the Duchess of Cambridge has been wielding with the coloured bling trend with all the rage.

Convinced to incorporate the vibrancy into your necklace, engagement ring, bracelet or any bauble for that matter? Come on -the world is doing it, why are you hiding behind?




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