9 Perfect Engagement Ring Tips

If you’ve made it here, you’re looking for a way that brings joy and ecstasy to your partner! It means you’re ready to be committed to your better half and you need just the perfect adornment that denotes all the love you have for her.  But you’re also looking for ways where you manage not to mess it up, or some engagement ring tips to follow so that you don’t stray.

We get it. You want to profess your love and pop the question as soon as possible but you’re also worried that you won’t do it right. That’s why we are here to help. There are only a countable number of things you need to know before you invest in something as important and permanent as an engagement ring. And this list does not include the love that you for her! So, here are the 9 perfect engagement ring tips for you to note:

14K White Gold AA Santa Maria Aquamarine, Diamond Ring


  1. Diamond isn’t the only option

    The first and probably the most important thing for you to note is that diamond isn’t the only stone available for an engagement ring. There are several other stones that look just as spectacular affixed to the dainty hands of your partner. In fact, tanzanite or ruby adds a brilliant contrast when paired with other precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, et cetera. Here are some tanzanite ring ideas that will give you a little bit more inspiration.

    Peacock Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
  2. Solitaire’s out and Eternity Designs are in

    The jewellery trend is evolving. And while there’s no matched beauty to the excellence of a sparkling solitaire ring, eternity rings have also been noted as one of the more popular designs. In fact, they reveal their extended excellence when they’re worn as stacking rings or with the wedding ring. The meaning of eternity rings is the promise of forever. An endless circle of the best-quality precious stones show an unbreakable promise and the utter devotion to her. You can find some eternity ring ideas here.

    Crystal from Swarovski – White Crystal Spinner Ring
  3. Try custom designs

    If you want her ring to be extra special, do not disregard the idea of a custom-made ring, tailored to her tastes and preferences. While the engagement ring designs in the current market are nothing short of spectacular, a custom ring brings more meaning and promise to the jewellery. That’s an idea you need to peruse and pursue!

    9K Y Gold Kagem Zambian Emerald, Natural Cambodian Zircon Ring
  4. Compare prices

    Now here’s an important thing. You shouldn’t just buy the best ring you spot in the first place you go. Engagement rings are meaningful, yes, but they are also expensive. And that’s why you need to browse more stores than just one. Go around and compare the prices. Study the details and then decide what the best option is.

    18K White Gold, Green Tanzanite Ring with Diamond
  5. Know your stone

    It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing a diamond-encrusted ring or any other, but it is very important that you know about the stone. Understand not only its importance but also its value. You’ll have knowledge about the best quality when you’re shopping and you’ll tend not to get overwhelmed with the different choices. So, read as much as you can about the stone that you’re looking for before buying it impulsively.

    9K Yellow Gold African Ruby, Natural White Cambodian Zircon Ring
  6. It doesn’t have to be elaborate

    One of the most impertinent things that you need to remember is that the engagement ring you’ve decided on doesn’t need to be atrociously expensive. Your love is far more important than the size of the stone. Only invest in what you can afford, there’s little need for extravagance! While diamond engagement rings are comparatively pricier, other cheaper alternatives are ruby rings or even emerald rings.

    ILIANA 18K Y Gold Tanzanite Solitaire Ring
  7. Stone cut and setting

    However, it is included in the final design, this point needs equal attention. Some cuts and settings are pricier than the others. You need to study what you’re looking for. Understand the different cuts and find out which cut suits the stone you’re looking for. Most diamond engagement rings flaunt a brilliant princess cut or a cushion cut, and they’re some of the most expensive cuts as well. The setting also plays a very important role. If you’re looking for an engagement eternity ring, then the pave setting is just what you want for the occasion.

    14K Yellow Gold AA Pink Tanzanite, Diamond Ring
  8. Insure the ring!

    If you’re buying something insanely expensive, insure it! Utter devastation is probably an understatement of how you’ll feel if the ring gets lost or stolen, heaven forbid. To be on the safe side, shell some extra money and get it insured. It’s not that long of a process; just give a call to your insurance agent and get it done pronto!

    9K Yellow Gold SGL-certified Diamond Heart Ring
  9. Listen to your gut

    Lastly, the most important thing is to listen to your gut! You know your partner the best. You know her tastes and you’re sure of her preferences. There’s no need to panic and run about in different stores. Just take a look at her and you’ll know what she would love, and trust us, you can’t mess up after that.

    9K Yellow Gold Pink Sapphire Ring with Natural Cambodian Zircon

    Don’t worry a lot, you’ll do good, granted you follow the tips. Of course, if you’re in a quandary wondering what’s the best for her, you can always talk to her family and friends for some perfect engagement ring tips! Don’t forget to take a look at some of our excellent engagement ring designs! We also display some of the most awing pieces of wedding bands, so we have your future covered as well!

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