7 Secrets for a Winning Summer Style

Summer; the season we’ve all been waiting for! The warmth is encasing and we’re ready for some summer style beach time! It’s the season when you need to be on top of your styling and skin-care game! It is, after all, the best time to flaunt all those flowery, summery ensembles and attires! Lucky for you, we’ve got a collection that is unrivalled and unparalleled. Browse our website to see what we’re talking about!


The season of going out is here and it calls for best styling tips! Pack up all the essentials to make this summer more happening. Don’t worry if you’re missing a checklist of all things you’ll need; we’ve got you covered. Find below a list of ranges and selections of summer trend accessories that will make this season extra special and fond!


COUGAR- Beauty Dare To Be Nude

While this time of the year boasts of heavy and cheery colours, the makeup needs to be minimal. There’s little need for loud colours and tainted cheeks when the warmth is doing it all for you! And that’s why you need this Cougar Nude Makeup set, which consists of a lip-colour, an eyeshadow palette, mascara, blush, and a lip-liner. Go minimal with these products and make a statement of simplicity! Cougar brings you the best-in-class cosmetics that suit all skin types. You can go through our Beauty range to find more such products.

COUGAR- Beauty Dare To Be Nude


The latest Japanese attire has made a certain mark on the fashion world. Taking the recent trends by storm, this wrap looks perfect styled with anything! Wrap it up as a beach wrap, or pair it with a summer, floral dress, you cannot possibly go wrong! The utter versatility of this apparel has made it wildly popular and sought-after. We’ve brought you an onslaught of colours and varieties that will stun you! A kimono is something you definitely need to complete your look!

Designer Inspired-Wine Red, Orange and Multi Colour Peony Flower Pattern Kimono


Seeing as the pops of colours are the summer trend we’re following this year, you need a handbag to say the same. A simple design flashing harmonious colours and efficient space will make you win the summer style! Prefer big bags promising lots of space! Handcrafted goodness is another thing that people have been showering love at! Be sure to spare a look at this emerging demand, too!

100% Genuine Leather Multi Colour Checks Pattern Tote Bag


Summer, inadvertently, also brings sweaty mess with it. But don’t you worry, we have some amazing fragrances, all at your disposal. A spritz of long-lasting and dainty fragrance will go a long way for your summer style. Go to the summer parties smelling ethereal and stay that way for the longest time. Get the best sets and packs for perfumes and fragrances at our website, too!

Mercedes Benz -Gift Set For Women


Soft, light, and colourful scarves are something that you definitely need to finish your summer style! Serene floral patterns are all that people want this season! Add to that dashes and dollops of quaint colours and you’ve got yourself a winner! Pair these scarves up with virtually anything in your wardrobe to get a fantastic ensemble! You can even wear the larger scarves as beach wraps! Just find one (or perhaps more) to suit your style.

100% Mulberry Silk Blue, Pink and Multi Colour Handscreen Printed Scarf


You need one apparel addition, minimum, this summer! Welcome the season with all new things to don on and make fashion statements that everyone will follow! From crop tops to long dresses, this summery style is welcoming all things classy. Select crafty cuts and obscure patterns to put together a look that is unique and attention-grabbing. Light fabrics and soft colours are the elements of need, so heap on the best! Take a look at our collection of Tops and Tunics to get an idea.

Pink, Blue and Multi Colour Printed Top with Adjustable Waistband


Sharp new accessories are just another addition you need to make. The best and the most useful accessory for the optimal summer style is a watch. Get thrilling new designs of these time-telling pieces, studded with rare and stunning gemstones, sculpted out of pristine metal, or flaunting a glorious design. A watch is something you eternally need for yourself or even as a gift to someone else. For the summer, you can lean on the light and breezy colours with minimal detailing.

EON 1962 Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Swiss Movement Watch


We’re bent on making this summer memorable for you. Other things that you should be really looking into are summer suncare essentials, dainty and delicate necklaces, trendy outdoor accessories, and vases to display the gorgeous summer flowers! Follow our advice and don’t miss on the winner summer style of 2018!

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