7 Ways To Get Dewy Skin Within Days!

Aren’t we all just tired of seeing celebrities with flawless, glowing and radiant skin and not finding the same in our own reflection in the mirror? Many South Korean celebrities have been regularly uploading videos and pictures flaunting their “glass skin” begetting a wave of vloggers and makeup-gurus in the west who have come up with one way or another to get the ultra-clean and blindingly-shiny look. However, the problem is that these methods require a great deal of time and patience. This isn’t something our tired lads and lasses can afford to do with their crushing daily routines and 9-to-5 jobs! Or can they? We say, hell yeah, they can!

Follow these 7 steps and you can achieve a spotless and clear complexion with that enviable glossy finish that too without having to invest considerable amount of time!

1) Use cleansing oils

And you thought all face-washes were just soap and froth? Nope. Cleaning delicate facial skin with the market staple variety of oil-depleting or harsh cleansing products can wash-out its natural moisture and nourishment making it appear clean temporarily but dull in the long run. Oil-based facial cleansers, hydrating makeup removers or micellar waters gently cleanse your face, remove make-up and hydrate the skin all at once making it clean, radiant and moisturized. Try Alicia Douvall’s All in One Argan Oil Cleanser, also available in a convenient travel pack, that removes dirt, grim and make-up gently while cleaning and hydrating the skin with natural Argan oil.

oil based cleanser
Alicia Douvall’s Argan oil cleanser with muslin cloth

2) Follow-up with simpler cleansing products

Once the skin has been cleansed with oils, it needs a soft and mild facewash that gets rid of any remaining grim or makeup residue. Look for products with organic or natural ingredients like Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash that contains natural extracts of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal Neem (Indian Lilac) and Vitamin-C rich Oranges. Such ingredients suit most skin-types including oily, combination and/or dry types and won’t cause any irritation or harm.

CETUEM- PH Cleanser

3) Exfoliate & unclog pores

Dirt, dead-skin cells and bacteria love to reside in our skin’s pores. A disgusting truth, there is only one way to get rid of them – exfoliation. Exfoliation offers a three-way solution wherein it removes dead-skin cells from the surface of the skin, unclogs & removes dirt from the pores and pulls out bacteria while doing so. Although, facial scrubs may seem like a convenient option, they do ask for an extra step in your skincare routine. So why not save time by exfoliating while you wash your face in step 2 with gentle mechanical scrubbers like our Blue and White Colour Facial and Body Cleansing Kit?

4) Masks for exfoliation + hydration

Have more time in your hands? Then go ahead with a facial mask that doesn’t just exfoliate, but also intensely moisturizes and soothes the skin. A plethora or chemical-ridden masks are available in the, market claiming to do the same. However, we suggest you go with products with natural ingredients such as CETUEM- Exfoliating Mask (psst! It is paraben-free and suits all skin types.) or L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Purity Mask that is gentle and soothing.

exfoliating mask
CETUEM’s Exfoliating Mask

5) Don’t forget to tone!

Toning is a very important step in skincare. It removes even the tiniest of residue that could have been left out by the previous 3-4 steps; evens out skin tone; soothes, protects and refreshes the skin; balances its pH balance and shrinks the sizes of pores. Unfortunately, a lot of mistake toners for astringents and opt for those with considerable amount of alcohol. Don’t! Astringents or alcohol-rich toners are horrifyingly harsh for the skin and deplete its nutrients and moisture-content. Go for mild and hydrating toners such as URBAN VEDA – Reviving Hydrating Toner or Dead Sea Spa Magik- Pro-Toner. Fortified with rich, organic and skin-friendly ingredients; these toners hydrate the skin while toning it giving resulting in a softer, plumper and youthful appearance from within.

6) Hydration and nourishment are must

One of the most important steps in skincare is keeping it hydrated. After being exposed to an entire day’s worth of harmful pollutants, suffocating make-up followed by intense cleansing, the skin needs to replenish and regenerate. Give its renewing-process a boost with a deeply nourishing and nutrient-rich moisturizer. You can opt for facial oils and serums such as COUGAR- Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil that is gentle, supremely absorbent and enriched with Hyaluronic acid that offers anti-ageing and re-plumping properties that are ideal for dull and lifeless skin. (picture) L’Oréal Revitalift Laser Renew Super Serum. If oils or serums aren’t your thing, go for traditional crème-based moisturizers like Dr Pierre Ricaud’s Collagen Day Cream as well as Night Cream that is ideal for all day and night hydration respectively.

night cream
Dr. Pierre Ricaus’s Night Cream

7) Don’t ignore the under-eye skin

Happy since you’ve cleansed the entire face, including the neck, and moisturized it well? That’s great. But what about your eyes? The skin under your eyes is one of the most sensitive and gentle areas of your face. it can make you look young and fresh or dull, tired and old depending on how hydrated and healthy it is. The worse thing? it is far more likely to develop wrinkles, fine-lines and sagginess. No wonder those dark circles are your perpetual guests. Give them the essential care they need with effectively moisturizing under-eye creams like MERUMAYA- Intensly Youthful Eye cream for long-lasting hydration, softness and youthfulness.

Merumaya Eye-cream

8) Bonus!

Want to know an easy and quick way to get healthy and dewy looking skin every day? Try a hydrating facial mist. Facial mists are great to hydrate, freshen-up and soothe the skin while on the go. Try Just Herbs Myrrh Sandalwood Restorative Tonique for oily and combination skin that is ideal to finish off a makeup look, can be used any-time of the day and gives instant shiny and dewy results! Get it for under £5 only at TJC from our exclusively curated beauty and skincare.

Facial tonique
Just Herbs Sandalwood Tonique

Incorporate these easy-to-do and convenient skincare steps into your routine by squeezing-in just a little bit of time before going to bed and, we highly recommend, after you wake up in the morning and we assure you; that sought-after, ultra-clear and trendy glass-skin look will be yours in no time.

Go, shine on!

Image credits: style.tribunnews.com

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