7 World’s Famous Gemstones

There is an uncountable number of exquisite things reigning over the collections in the world. Among them is the tantalizing glory of bespoke gemstones! Show-stopping to look at, some gemstones have created history with their shape, origination, size, or other winning features. Here is a list of some of the most world’s famous gemstones known to mankind!


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  • The Hope Diamond

    Who doesn’t love diamonds? And if the diamond measures to 45.52 carats, the beauty needs to be owned! Something similar happened with the Hope Diamond. The tale of this exquisite diamond is known everywhere. Some even maintain that it is cursed. It is believed that it was stolen off the idol of a Hindu goddess and it brought bad luck to everyone who ever owned it. As of now, it sits, flaunting its remarkable glory, at the Smithsonian National Museum of National History, where Harry Winston (the owner of the beautiful rock) donated it, reigning as the top pick of world’s famous gemstones. It is embellished at the face of a neat pendant, which also shows a fine line of sparkling white diamonds. It’s the most brilliant piece of diamond jewellery ever made!

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  • Star of India

    Another gorgeous and mesmerising addition of the world’s famous gemstones is The Star of India. It was mined some odd 2 billion years ago and you cannot find any gemstone matching its size today! Weighing to 563 carats, it also flaunts a magical display of a star, literally. The white lines, made of rutile, give it the criss-cross shape of a star. It sits with its grand demeanour at the American Museum of Natural History. The pale blue sapphire is unarguable the best stone! Needless to say, sapphire jewellery has a grand show; imagine the true glamour of the jewellery of this stone!

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  • Koh-I-Noor

    Now, this is a stone that needs no introduction! Weighing up to a whopping 106 carats, it was considered to be the largest diamond on the face of this planet for a long time. It is believed to be some 5000 years old and even has mention in the Sanskrit writings! If there’s a standard for all the diamond jewellery, it is this! Koh-I-Noor has a very fascinating history embedded in its dazzle. It once took its place on the Peacock throne of Mughal rulers, but British took it over when they reigned over India. They then presented the uncut stone to the Queen, where it is now mounted with other 2000 stones on the crown.

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  • Star of Africa

    Also called the Cullinan I diamond, this is part of the Cullinan diamond, another part of which is yet another stone that graces the Queen’s crown. The Star of Africa is actually a pear-shaped diamond that weighs 530.2 carats. The name Cullinan I comes from the fact that the large Cullinan diamond was cut into 9 stones and this is its biggest part. You can find the display of this behemoth diamond at The Tower of London, along with other crown jewels. The diamond has a total of 74 facets and its estimated price is way over $2 billion USD.

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  • The Pearl of Lao Tzu

    Known to be the largest naturally found pearl, this addition to the world’s famous gemstones was found in the depths of the Palawan Sea. It is believed that it was discovered by a Filipino diver, who unfortunately lost his life trying to bring it to the surface. It measures 12 centimetres in diameter and weighs up to 6.4 kilograms. Many people have claimed different tales of the make of this pearl, over the years. In the beginning, the chief of the village where it was taken believed that he could see the face of Prophet Muhammad on the pearl. Years later, another Chinese chief claimed that a sage named Laozi put the face of Gods in the clam over 2500 years ago and the mollusc developed the pearl. Also called the Pearl of Allah, it is valued to be at $100 million USD. Even though pearl jewellery is something posh and priceless on its own, the might of Lao Tzu pearl is out-worldly!

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  • The Andamooka Opal

    Borrowing its name from the island in Australia where it was mined from, this opal was presented to the Queen as a present. When the Queen went on a post-coronation tour during 1953-1954, she was presented with a lot of different kinds of world’s famous gemstones, in the biggest shapes and sizes. One of the famed ones is this opal. Weighing to 203 carats, it was mined from the new mines that had just dug up in 1949. It was embellished in a grand necklace and came with a glittering pair of earrings. Opal jewellery has an incredible element of iridescence anyway, but the sizzling delight of this opal is yet to be rivalled.

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  • The Medusa Emerald

    Hidden under an enormous boulder of quartz, this particular mineral collection had remained hidden for a long time. It can be now found displayed at the Natural History Museum in London, UK. Emerald jewellery has a sizzling and awing delight on its own, but when you’re viewing it in the incredible size and glory such as the Medusa emerald, you’ll be left agog and speechless. One thing to note about this emerald is how it was extracted. As it has already been mentioned, it remained under a huge quartz boulder. A very careful procedure of chipping the topaz was initiated, so delicately that it doesn’t harm the emerald hidden underneath. Now, you’ll find the more picturesque beauty in its whole form.

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