A Couples Gift Guide- Best Options That Your Lovely Duo Will Love

I don’t know about you, but quite often if I am buying for two people who are a couple, I can find a present for the lady but get stuck when it comes to finding something for the man. It’s even harder if I don’t know him so well. A few years ago, I suddenly twigged that I could solve this problem by buying a joint gift for them both. Obvious, I know, but somehow I’d not thought of doing so before! It made my life so much easier, and I was less likely to buy something just for the sake of ticking that particular box. Here at TJC Style, we offer some great ideas for couples of all ages, and you can also choose gifts at a variety of different prices.

Let’s start with the couple who like cooking and being healthy. We’ve got a fantastic juicer which helps you on your way to fulfilling your five a day and also encourages any children in the family to have more fruit too.

If entertaining is on the cards, then the battery operated pepper mill set is practical and efficient and in fact really appeals to the chaps because my other half asked for something similar last year!

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Finally, a nice treat for a couple and maybe their friends are the delicious popcorn sets that we have. Popcorn Shed is a well-known company who have created some wonderful flavours to explore, and quality is excellent. They have large popcorn jars for the whole family to smaller size boxes in packs of 3 or 8.

If you are looking for a luxurious present for a couple, I think that the ultimate in luxury, bedding wise, are our Mulberry Silk duvet sets. They feature a 100% Mulberry silk filled duvet, cotton cover, two pillow cases and a cushion cover. They are perhaps the sort of sets couples aspire to own but never spoil themselves to, so would potentially be a very welcome and generous gift.
Another cosy gift that I have often bought for friends from TJC is the super soft, warm and snuggly throws. Every person I’ve bought them to have loved them and I must admit that we have quite a few around the house too. They can be used on beds, sofas and armchairs and I have even used mine outside the house in the garden on chillier summer evenings. We have a complete price range and variety too, from our super heavyweight, high quality, faux fur new additions, our mid-price, super soft Polar Bear Sherpa to our very affordable fleece blankets which you may lose to your pets which is what happened with our cat!

One final idea for a gift for a couple and maybe as a stocking filler too are our candles. We have so many different types in stock, and they all smell amazing and offer the ultimate in relaxation too. We have excellent, well-known brands like Wax Lyrical who have teamed together with the RHS to produce very authentic floral aromas to quirky Christmas Nutcracker themed reed diffusers as an alternative home scent idea. I personally love the look of these because they serve as a decoration too.
Last but not least, some very affordable Soy Wax candles in modern jars offer a lovely smell at a great price. I have one in my bathroom for when I have time for a soak.

I really hope that I’ve given you some ideas for couple’s presents and that I’ve solved a few present problems. Remember TJC Style will also ship to another address which is handy if you are unable to visit loved ones this year. They’ll even gift wrap for you if you speak to Customer Services!

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