A cracking Christmas – coming soon

Christmas is around the corner and here at TJC we’re almost ready to kick things off with a bit of a bang. Watch this space and soon you will be able to choose from a range of TJC crackers and make Christmas sparkle. Five different sets of crackers, six crackers in each set. There is definitely something to suit your taste and budget.

Set one, is a great bargain and is full of fun goodies. Two trendy wrap bracelets, an onyx necklace, a pretty charm bracelet, and crystal “Proudly British” earrings. Rounding up the set is a lovely amethyst pendant with matching earring. A real bargain at just £50

Set two has a couple of wrap bracelets and a big chunky agate bangle. Staying on the wrist front; also included is a wonderful Strada beaded watch – dress it up or down, either way its fab. Finishing up are 2 necklaces – a longer length gold tone chain and a ruby pendant and chain! £75 for this collection.

Set three is a real winner at just £150. It’s a multi-gemstone bonanza! Adding a bit of fun is the hugely popular gold tone Kaleidoscope necklace. We are loving the drop earrings, faceted amethyst, garnet and Iolite. A pair of Swarovski studs, very diamond like, don’t you think? Arm candy – a paraibe apatite tennis bracelet. Finally, Tanzanite earrings to top off this awesome collection.

TJC Christmas Crackers, sets 1 to 3

Set four wows us with two tennis bracelets, a beautiful amethyst beaded necklace – certain to pretty up any outfit this winter. Not one, but two pairs of earrings. Finishing up the collection is a beautiful faceted citrine necklace. £300 for this collection.

Set five, full of luxury and elegance. This set boasts a pair of glittering diamond studs set in 14K gold. Two truly beautiful necklaces – a massive 12 ct. African ruby and a Boyaca Columbian emerald pendant and chain. Keeping with chains is the long length Rachel Galley silver pebble necklace. For some charm we added a beautifully dainty diamond bracelet. Finally, exquisite Tahitian pearl drop earrings. £1000 for this luxurious Christmas cracker collection.

TJC Christmas Crackers, sets 4 & 5

Which is your favourite collection? Which one do you want for Christmas?

Love TJC x

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