A guide to birthstones

We are avid believers in the magic cast by birthstones. We do find it intriguing how the attributes of personalities change according to the month people are born in. With the several metaphysical healing powers and the auspicious prowess of the gems, these stones are considered to be a pleasant gift for the believers.


Having said that, you must be curious about their history and just what about them makes them so very special.  If legends are to be believed, birthstone first came into any meaning when they were spotted on the breastplate of the Hebrew’s high priest mentioned in Book of Exodus in the Old Testament of Bible. It was noted that there was the neat placement of 12 stones in four rows. Over the years, many tribes over the world have deemed several meanings of adorning these stones.


Up until 1912, it was believed that not only is it favourable for luck and health to wear the stone of the month, but it also heightens the powers of the wearers. In the said year, the Jewellers of America issued an official list, which mentioned all the stones that were considered birthstones according to the respective months. Now, the list is applicable for the stones that are rather more commercially accessible. But, there are renditions to the list.


Below, you will find a brief list of all the months with their birthstone, as well as the benefits of wearing them.


  1. January – Garnet
    Known mainly for regeneration and energising, the stone is considered a full source of power and positivity. Not only does it provide revitalization, but it is also known to stabilize conflicts, be it internal or external. Good for the chakras, garnet have magical powers to make any day seem cheery.Garnet_Gem_PNG_Clipart-793
  2. February – Amethyst
    The stone worn by healers depicts the strongest of healing properties. Not only does it instil a deep-embedded sense of calmness, but if put in the corner of your home, it fills up the space with positive energy. You will find most healers to put an amethyst over the area that needs treatment as it exudes strong healing forces.amethyst-gemstone
  3. March – Aquamarine
    Aquamarines were known as talismans for sailors and they carried the stone for a good voyage. It was also believed that the stone calmed the ocean and was originated from the treasures of mermaids. Aquamarine is known to relieve the wearer of any kind of stress or anxiety. It is also heavily responsible for cleaning the aura and balancing the chakras.hruška 32x20mm aquamarine-98521-1200x895
  4. April – Diamonds
    Not only does diamond make you happy and excited because of its glitter, but it is also believed to be a powerhouse of positive energy. It is known to bring a strong sense of strength and endurance to the wearer. It has also shown some positive effects in clearing the vision in the patients with Glaucoma.original-2-920x808
  5. May – Emerald
    An aesthetic treat, emeralds are vouched to be beneficial for the people suffering from the ailments related to heart, lungs, spine, and some muscular diseases. They also come in handy for the treatment of infections and vision-related problems.4239141-emerald
  6. June – Pearl
    Suggesting marriage, love, and eternal bonds, pearls are the ideal embellishments for engagement jewellery, and the theme hasn’t gone unnoticed over the years. Apart from the symbolic meaning, pearls also harbour characteristics that nurture fertility and easy childbirth. Pearls are also good for people with digestive disorders and anger issues.pearl-e1496161773792
  7. July – Ruby
    Just like how intense and captivating the hue of the stone is, ruby holds the power to eradicate negativity you might come across in your path. It brings in a fresh new wave of positivity and heals the jagged emotions with nurturing care.1_J7NbF5fSymDCIQLG4IJ_rQ
  8. August – Peridot
    The stone is widely and famously known to rid lethargy, laziness, and apathy. Apart from that, it is also known to be beneficial for strengthening the immunity system. Some people use it for the treatment of skin-related disorders as well.maxresdefault (3)
  9. September – Sapphire
    Sapphire has been deemed ideal for the bloodwork. It not only purifies the blood, but there have been some noticeable benefits of the stone when put in contact with the patients suffering from thin veins and arteries, or the people who combat with excessive bleeding problems.ksg231a
  10. October – Opal
    Opal has always been considered a godly stone. The main reason for this is that legends claim that it strengthens the will to live. It is also believed that it rejuvenates the wearer and fills life with happiness. It is also claimed that it helps to improve memory, so people wear it for an enhanced brain functioning.opal-833x713
  11. November – Topaz
    Topaz has an unbelievable and incredible amount of positive energy embedded in it. It is known all across the world for curing eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia. It is also known to strengthen the metabolism and help with better immunity.topaz-cut.ngsversion.1397150731305
  12. December – Turquoise
    The said stone brings better immunity. It is said that turquoise enhances the bodily functions and stabilizes the metabolism, which in turn results into healthier living. Some healers use the stone to help the sufferers get relief from cramps and aches.turquoise-e1386768982756

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