A guide to October’s birthstone: Opal

Every month comes with it's own birthstone and October's is a really beautiful one. Opal is the traditional birthstone of October, making it a great choice if you are looking to buy jewellery as a gift for someone who has a birthday this month. 

Opals are a really beautiful stone that have unique qualities. One of which is their ability to look like they are several different colours. In fact, the word opal derived from the Greek word 'Opalus', which means to see a change in colour.

White opal – which is the most commonly thought of stone in this family – can look like it contains a variety of rainbow hues, which flash in different lights. A similar effect is also seen when it comes to water opals; these are transparent stones that appear to have different colours throughout them.

Fire opals are a brighter colour stone, having an orange, yellow or red shade as the main colour, with other shades flashing throughout to create a striking appearance. In contrast, black opals are much cooler in colour, featuring specks of blues, purples and pinks.

No two opals are the same, making them a great individual gift, while the range of colours available means they can be suited to a range of personalities and styles.

When it comes to caring for opals, they are much the same as other gemstones. You should avoid leaving them submerged in water – especially if it contains soap or detergents – as this can remove the shine, as can any activity that might scratch the stone.

If your opal does become scratched or if its shine gets dimmed over the years, you can get it polished by a professional, which will help it look like new. So long as you take care of your opal jewellery, there is no reason why it won't continue to look beautiful year after year.

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