Introducing Our New Pearl Range:Galatea Pearl

TJC is home to countless ingenious products that have over the years transformed our customer base into sassy buyers who look the best and lead a balanced lifestyle. What none of you can deny is we have succeeded in bringing you the most incredible jewellery, one you might not even have dreamed of! This year our resolution was to bring our patrons something they will be thankful to have in their jewellery box. In a bid to make you and your loved ones feel special we are introducing a new range of pearl jewellery. 

Going by the name Galatea, these pearls have a jaw-dropping beauty. The brainchild of Chi Huynh, Galatea were crafted with the aim to recreate the classic beauties and provide them with an unseen form.  

What is a Galatea Pearl?

The formation of a pearl begins with a nucleus. It can be anything – a bead, a smaller animal that accidentally landed into a mullock or a chunk of sand. A Galatea differs to a normal pearl because it is literally a jewel containing a gemstone! Every Galatea pearl undergoes a meticulously planned patent process. To sum it up, a glittering gemstone is placed in the gonad of the oyster resulting in stunning spherical pearls. 

Requires Incredible Craftsmanship 

Their true beauty is revealed when the creative team of Chi carves the gemstone enucleated pearl with intricate motifs. Every stroke on the adornment is planned and plotted before the actual sculpturing takes place. This ensures the vision of the artisan comes to life with utter perfection. What is fascinating about the exotic pearls is, they can be studded with diamonds on top for achieving an unpreceded glow. 

Delivering Perfection and Excellence 

Every creation of Chi Huynh is handcrafted by his skilled team. To be able to work with him, his apprentices have to show endless persistence and dedication toward the art of jewellery making. His passion for crafting pearls that aren’t just gems but pieces narrating their own stories has won him prestigious awards like International Pearl Design Competition’s Visionary Award in 2012 and JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award. 

Extraordinary Vision Behind the Galatea Pearls 

We must destroy the pearl for it to be born again - Chi Huynh

Every craftsman wishes to pour his imagination over his creation to mould it into a masterpiece the world admires. Pearls were simply cleaned and string into jewellery. Unlike the other gemstones which could be chiselled to produce striking shapes, the pearls remained untouched. Chi Huynh was intrigued by the fact, as a jewellery maker, he thought pearls were the perfect canvas for showcasing his artistry.

Galatea collection shows pearls in a completely new light. They are given a colourful look and transformed into pieces that often give you a sneak peek into some aspect of nature.

Pearls you will find in this collection

 A Galatea jewellery is primarily made from Tahitian (black South Sea), Golden South Sea or freshwater white and peach pearls. Each pearl in the collection features one of the 40 astonishing carving styles which are the lifeblood of Chi’s creations. 

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