A perfect match: Finding the right wedding band for your engagement ring

Most people seem to think that choosing their engagement ring is the hard part, but selecting a wedding band that works with it can be even more difficult.

Whether you choose your engagement ring with your partner or they select it for you, one of the last thoughts will be how it will look with a wedding band. However, this is one of the most important things you should consider; after all; you'll want to wear the two rings together.

Your wedding band needs to look gorgeous next to your engagement ring and on its own. This means that you can wear the two together without the combination looking odd, but still have stunning jewellery if you just want to wear your wedding band.

Here are some great tips on choosing the right wedding band for your engagement ring.


Ideally, you should match the metal used in your wedding band to your engagement ring. This will ensure the two pieces together create a cohesive look.

Choosing a white gold engagement ring but then getting a yellow gold wedding band can look odd and is likely to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

You want the rings to look like they belong together and this is the easiest way. Choosing the same metal will make it less obvious if other factors don't work perfectly, such as if you are wearing a straight band with a shaped engagement ring.


If you aren't opting for a simple band but want something sparkly, you want to ensure the colour gemstones you choose work together.

Of course, this isn't an issue if you just want diamonds, but if you want sapphires, rubies or emeralds, you want to make sure the stone colours match as closely as possible.

You might think it's easy to just say that you are going to have a sapphire wedding band to suit your engagement ring, but if the colour of the stones on each ring differs greatly, it will be obvious.

Not only should you make sure the types of stones you choose work together, the colour of them should also be taken into account.


Ideally, you want your wedding band and engagement ring to fit together perfectly. However, if you aren't purchasing a matching set, interlocking rings or a standard-shaped engagement ring; this can be difficult to achieve.

You want to choose a wedding band that allows for any shaped parts of your engagement ring in order to fit around it perfectly. Curved or v-shaped bands can do this quite well and tend to allow for any differences in shape.

However, if you are choosing a fine wedding band, you can get away with choosing a straight one to match a shaped engagement ring. This is because it will be subtle – whether it comes with gemstones or is simple metal – and so the difference in shape won't stand out so much.


Both your rings need to fit you perfectly. If you have one that is smaller than the other, the larger ring can slip over it or catch it. This will scratch the metal and could damage any stone settings. 

Get an accurate measurement of your finger before purchasing your ring, as simply choosing the same size wedding band as your engagement ring may not be good enough. 

You could find that you need to have your engagement ring altered to provide a better fit, which will stop your finger swelling, reduce the chances of losing it and cut down on damage to both rings. 

If you follow these tips, as well as your own personal taste, you'll be sure to find a stunning wedding band that works perfectly with your engagement ring. 

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