A ring for him – Best men’s ring designs

Men’s ring designs is not a novel concept. Men have been slipping on simple bands and designs of rings since times immemorial. The reasons were not only for the aesthetic appeal of rings. Several men wear the rings for a political symbol, a religious purpose, to even to show wealth! The more noted ring adornment by men, however, remains for the wedding bands!

Designer-inspired Sterling Silver Elephant Spinner Band Ring


Whatever might the use be, TJC swathes your style in the most unique and ravishing men’s ring designs, made for him! Explore our range to get just the piece that suits your individual style.

9K White Gold Band Ring


Wedding bands

The most worn ring by a man, all his life, is his wedding band. It’s only understood that it needs to be perfect. TJC harbours a special collection that is designed for the special day. Be it in the lay of yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or any other precious metal, we deliver our promise of exquisiteness.


Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Gold is godly and everyone agrees with that claim! Simple, flawless, and pristine yellow gold wedding bands have an appeal that is suited to all. You can really never go wrong with this choice. The gleaming, rich surface reflects all the stunning might of this glorious choice and radiates a stately, confident charm on the hand. What’s better is that the colour and reflective quality of this metal never fades away. Not only yellow gold men’s ring designs, but you’ll find an aweing selection of all sorts of gold jewellery at TJC.

18K Yellow Gold IGI -certified Diamond Band Ring


Platinum Wedding Bands

Another choice that makes it all special is the immaculate finish of platinum. The special appeal of this metal is its dazzling shine. Its reflective surface, better than the mirror, will hypnotize you with the refined beauty it possesses. In fact, all sorts of platinum jewellery have a long-lasting promise of unadulterated excellence.

950 Platinum Milgrain Comfort Fit Wedding Ring


Gemstone-encrusted Rings

Another range that we serve for some of the best men’s ring designs are the ones studded with precious gemstones. We are famed for our entrancing gemstone quality and we do everything to keep the title of being the best about it. Find a stunning collection of rings, studded with diamonds, moonstones, zirconia, emerald, or any other from our incredibly vast catalogue. All the stones from our collection are promised to be of the best imaginable quality, gleaming with their tarnish and abrasion-free surface. And these designs can also be found for women as well!

Galileia Blush Pink Quartz Cush Ring in Rose-plated Silver


Designer wear for him

When you say designer wear, we don’t hear only for women. Our excellent designers have sculpted some of the most mesmerizing men’s ring designs that are suitable for several occasions! Famed artisans like Giuseppe Perez, Rachel Galley, or Lucy Q have given so much for our incredible collection! We also have several other designers ranges like Iliana, J Francis, and more, where you’ll find a glistening selection of just the best pieces you’ll ever see and sport!

J Francis – 9K White Gold Cluster Ring Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA


There are simply innumerable choices that we have presented to you! You must go to our website immediately and seek out what suits your needs and tastes the best! You name it and we have it!

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