A Valentine’s proposal: Popping the question without being cheesy

The most romantic day of the year is almost here, giving every couple the chance to show their love and spoil each other. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many people will be gearing up to take the plunge and pop that all-important question.

With February 14th being synonymous with love, it is no wonder many people choose to propose on Valentine's. While this is super sweet – after all, who doesn't love a bit of romance? – it can pose a problem in that you don't want your marriage proposal to be just like everyone else's.

Sometimes Valentine's Day proposals can be seen as being a bit cheesy, which isn't something you want when you are taking such an important step. 

Here's TJC's guide to avoiding the cheese and creating a magical proposal this February 14th.

Avoid the cliches

One of the main things that can make a proposal on Valentine's Day seem a bit cheesy is hitting every single cliche. Combining roses, chocolates, champagne and a nice meal to create a romantic atmosphere is brilliant throughout the rest of the year but so many other people will be doing this on the same day.

With a romantic atmosphere already in place, try doing something a bit more personal that will make your proposal entirely special to just the two of you. This gives you the perfect chance to differentiate yourselves from the loved-up Valentine's crowd and make the moment entirely your own.

Don't do it at dinner

The chances are most people have had a nice romantic meal in a restaurant on Valentine's Day only to have someone get down on one knee at another table and ask that all-important question. Now imagine this happening when you were also planning on making the same move. Awkward.

A lot of people are going to go down this route, which can upstage your proposal or leave you and your partner feeling like it wasn't as special. Instead, think outside the box and propose somewhere that means something to you both. This is a lot more special and reduces the chance of you bumping into someone else as they also get down on one knee.

Wait for a special day

Valentine's Day comes with enough pressure to be romantic as it is; throw in the added stress of proposing and you are less likely to enjoy your day. Why not simply enjoy February 14th with the one you love and then propose on a different day? 

Even just waiting until the next day may help to relieve the pressure and could make it more special, especially as your partner really won't be expecting it. You could even wait for longer and pop the question on an important day to you both – maybe the anniversary of when you first met?

However, if you're determined to have a Valentine's engagement, make sure it is all about you and your partner and not what you think a proposal on that particular day should be all about. 

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