Achieve Salon Perfect Nails at Home with Mavala

As a girl one of my all-time favourite things to do is sit down with a chick flick on, while doing my nails. Normally I have a full on pamper session on a Sunday night – just before beginning a long working week, I also find it’s a great way to relax and wind down before experiencing ‘Monday Blues’.

I love everything about it, from picking a colour to admiring the finished ‘product’. However, as the weather has shifted my nails appear to be damaged.

When I was younger my mum always warned me about getting false nails as they caused years of damage… obviously I didn’t listen as, since trying fake nails for a special occasion,  my nails have been destroyed ever since, improving slightly during the warmer months.

As a result of the shifted weather my nails are really suffering. Chipped, cracked, thin and in serious need of some TLC, I mentioned it to TJC’s beauty buyer, Julie, about the disgusting state of my nails, and she kindly gave me a Mavala Nail Care kit and Scientifique Nail Hardener

Readers will probably think my views are biased, but I can truly say my nails (even after just two weeks) feel so much healthier – I mean my nails haven’t chipped since I’ve used this product (now, that is a real life miracle!)

Before this, I had heard of Mavala, but never used any of the products, as I considered it to be a brand for the older generation, but it’s worked incredibly better than some other brands I have personally bought for myself in the past.

The Nail Care Kit contains 3 products; Phase 1 Nylon fibre base, Phase 2 protective sealer and Cuticle Oil.

How I used the kit

I started by cleaning the surface of my nails with nail varnish remover pads to get rid of any oil and shaping them with an emery board.

Once I did this I took the Scientifique Nail Hardener, and painted one line down the centre of nail. After some research I found that this product has been a bestselling nail hardener for over 50 years – needless to say I was looking forward to seeing results.

I let this sit on my nails for a couple of minutes, then I went over with the Phase 1 polish – don’t worry if you use this and it looks odd on the nail, it contains Nylon Fibres which helps shield the nails from daily tasks and other damaging elements giving the nails resistance.

After this first coat, I then painted my nails with the Phase 2 sealer. This has an opaque nude appearance and created a glossy finish. (I used two coats to completely cover the texture of Phase 1 nylon fibres.)

Get Yours Now!

I have found this set has really helped protect my nails against the elements, especially as the weather is now so harsh. If you have similar problems with your nails, or simply need to harden them and give them a protective treatment TJC have loads of Mavala products to choose from!

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