Achieving the perfect pout: lipstick hacks you need to know

When it comes to makeup, some of you may stay in your comfort zone by wearing the same look every day, while others might prefer to mix it up a little by experimenting with different products and colours; whatever your preference, you're bound to have a favourite, go-to lipstick.

From bold red and bright pink hues to natural peaches and nudes, there are steps you can take to ensure your pout is on point, whatever your chosen colour.

Let's face it; nobody wants to walk around with smudged lipstick or stained teeth. So here are a few hacks to store in your beauty bank:


The warm weather can cause your lips to dry out and become chapped. Applying lipstick to dry lips will only accentuate the dryness, making your lips look far from kissable and detracting from the beauty of your lipstick colour.

What's more, darker shades of lipstick will set into the cracks of your lip and leave a stain that can be tough to remove.

In order to make your lips smooth and luscious, exfoliate them before applying your lipstick. You can do this by coating your lips in balm and gently brushing them with an unused toothbrush or a clean, disposable mascara wand.

This will help to remove any dead skin and leave your lips looking and feeling fresh. The next step is to apply your lippy and strike a pose.

Lip liner

Putting lipstick on without applying lipliner will lead to a greater chance of your lipstick bleeding, which looks messy and unsightly.

Applying lip liner first will help to enhance your lip shape and provide a neat frame in which you can add lipstick. What's more, your lipstick is less likely to smudge and will stay put throughout the day.


The appearance of some lipsticks varies from person to person. This is due to differences in lip pigmentation, with some people's lips appearing redder and others slightly pink in their natural state.

In order to not let this impact on the colour of a lipstick, it's a good idea to dab a little bit of concealer onto your lips beforehand. This will provide a neutral base onto which you can then apply your chosen lipstick shade. It will then appear exactly how it does in the packaging without being altered by your natural lip colour.

Use as a cream blush

Did you know you can use lipstick in ways other than on your lips? Well, you do now; lipstick is a versatile makeup product meaning you can use pink, red and coral shades as a cream blusher.

Simply dab your desired shade onto the apples of your cheeks and pat with your finger until is is blended. This will create a beautiful, subtle pop of colour and give you a fresh-faced, natural look.

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