Precious Gems & Their Affordable Alternative Gems

Colour, clarity, sparkle – these are the main elements that define the beauty of your favourite gemstones. TJC’s premium gems – diamonds, tanzanite, emerald, sapphire, and ruby – offer an unparalleled grade of all these major determinants. However, by ranking so high in perfection translates into a higher price, too. Worry not; we’re offering you a list of all affordable alternative gems that will offer you the beauty of colour and clarity that are similar to the pricy gems! Read to know:


Top 5 Precious Gemstones and Their Affordable Alternative Gems

We all love the sparkling hues of precious and coveted gems. The indulging depths of sapphire, star-like brilliance of diamonds, or bright joys of ruby, there’s so much thrill in wearing these expensive and treasure-box delights! However, wearing such expensive jewellery also needs extreme care, not only because some stones are weaker than others, but because losing them would dent your pockets. We present a well-thought-out list of 5 precious gems and their affordable alternative gems, too. Now, you can flaunt the magic and charm of these expensive stones without having to worry about repercussions on losing them! Even if you can’t afford the pricey gems, these affordable alternative gems will come easily within your budget.


Tanzanite vs Iolite

A TJC special, Tanzanite Jewellery has been among our top-selling ranges. The magnetic and mystically dark hues of the stone make a true wonder. Connoisseurs and jewellery designers across the globe love the stone for its combination of colour and clarity. However, it is on the pricier side and needs care while wearing, making it not fit for daily use. This is why we present you a collection of Iolite Jewellery! The affordable alternative gems to tanzanite in this range will offer you colour and clarity that closely resemble those of tanzanite.

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Tanzanite Pendant in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver

Marinus Collection Iolite Star Fish Chain Pendant in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver


Diamond vs Swarovski Zirconia

The magical beauty of diamond jewellery has no parallel! However, that said, Swarovski Zirconia Jewellery comes quite close to it. Both the gems feature mesmerizing transparency that makes them unique and sought-after. Another similarity is that they’re both available in multiple colours, although Swarovski Zirconia displays a wider spectrum of hues as compared to diamonds. The twinkling element of these gems is almost the same, making it hard to distinguish the difference when they’re put together. These are the main reasons why we’re counting Swarovski element under top affordable alternative gems to the pricy ones.

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GP Diamond, Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire Heart Pendant with Chain 

J Francis Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA Cluster Heart Necklace


Emerald vs Russian Diopside

Emerald, a member of the beryl family, has lush verdant green colour that is exclusive to it. The shades of indulgent forest greens can rarely be seen in any other gemstones, which makes emerald jewellery truly one of a kind. The closest you can come to finding resembling colour is in the beauty of Russian Diopside Jewellery. These remarkable pieces feature a hypnotizing green that is an extremely close fit to emeralds. Both the gems have stark and appreciable clarity, Russian Diopside a bit more than Emeralds.

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ILIANA 18K Gold Premium Santa Terezinha Emerald and Diamond Ring

Diopside and Cambodian Zircon Halo Ring in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver


Ruby vs Garnet

Crowned with the engaging crimson glory, ruby jewellery has a place in the hearts of everyone. The regal-hued gemstone looks absolutely darling paired with all ensembles and styles. But it weighs on the expensive side of scales. The blood-red colour of ruby, although, is one of its kind, but there are stones that feature hues similar to it, if not same. Garnet Jewellery displays some of the best affordable alternative gems to ruby, and quite wonderfully so. Garnets have a bespoke combination of colour and clarity, and they look and feel almost the same as ruby, just lesser expensive. The major difference can be spotted in the brightness of colour – garnet has a brighter colour than ruby.

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African Ruby and Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet in Gold Plated Sterling Silver 

Rhodolite Garnet Bracelet in 14K Gold Overlay Sterling Silver


Sapphire vs Kyanite

Inky blue and transfixing, the colours of Sapphire Jewellery can be rarely matched. Sapphire is available in a slew of different colours, but its most popular shade remains the midnight blue sapphire! The relatively more expensive stone offers exceptional colour and clarity put together. However, if you’re afraid you’ll lose it or you simply can’t afford it, we have just the affordable alternative gems and they’ve been embedded in Kyanite Jewellery! With remarkable deep blue hues, they look astonishingly similar to blue sapphire!

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Blue Sapphire and White Topaz Halo Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver

Himalayan Kyanite and Cambodian Dangle Earrings in Gold Plated Sterling Silver

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