All About Opals

“There are worlds in an Opal”

Oh October, you are here already! The month when everything turns pumpkin spice and heart dances with the autumn vibes, October is a treat for everyone. The holiday season is near and festivities are going to be in full swing. That said, shopping and jewellery can’t go with a miss and that too opal jewellery for October borns.

For all the October babies, Opal is significant as being their birthstone it not only casts its spell, it is simply irresistible to get eyes off.

So, come together opal jewellery lovers as we are talking about opals, the chameleon of the gem universe which definitely surmounts you with its captivating aura.

  1. Opal got its name from ancient Rome where opals were also known as opalus meaning “precious stone”. Apparently, this stone has been the muse of artists from the beginning of time and accounts to be first found in 4000 B.C.
  2. You will be astonished to know that it takes around 5 million years to solidify only 1 cm of opal. Don’t go bonkers! Such is the beauty of this stone that has left mankind in sheer awe.
  3. Want to know where’s the hub of this stunning gemstone? Well, it’s Australia (Opal is Australia’s national gemstone). Around 95% of the world’s opal is extracted from Australia. While Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil stands out in producing some of the finest opals too.
  4. Opals are of two types – common and precious. Opals with a vibrant colour or manifest a play of colours make its most coveted place and are precious opals with its unique multidimensional colour display. The better the colour, the bigger the price tag.
  5. Opal ranks 5 on the Mohs scale making them one of the softer mineral gems. Though they are certainly fragile than other gems, its pristine beauty can arrest anyone.
  6. Opals are fragile also because of the water content in it. Yes, you heard it right! Opals have around 5% to 20% water content- that is the reason for their majestic reflective qualities.
  7. Rare black opals are one-of-a-kind and produced in Australia from underground mines at Lightning Ridge, offering an exciting play of colour. Other is reddish-orange Mexican Fire opal that boasts of a tantalizing glow and gleam. White precious opals are unique to their significance but all in all, they together represent as if they belong to a magical world entirely.
  8. What is decadent cannot be missed by the Royals. They had graced their jewellery collection with opal for years. Queen Elizabeth II was presented by the finest ever Opal necklace called Andamooka Opal necklace.
  9. Opal is a birthstone for October born along with Tourmaline. It’s also an official gemstone gift for the 14th wedding anniversary.

Opal jewellery is definitely for keeps. These magical precious stones certainly hail from a mystical world and it will be nothing less than pride to own one.

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