All made up: Top makeup tips for the new year

It isn't just clothes and accessories that need updating for the new year, every part of your style can be revamped for 2015. This means you have an excuse to experiment and change the way you wear your hair or your go-to shade of lipstick.

But before you head off and do something drastic, have a look at the must-wear makeup looks for this year. These are going to be perfect for most seasons and could help you change up your look with minimal effort.

Plum lips

This is the perfect look for right now and a great way to experiment with wearing a strong lip colour. Plum lips suit every skin tone and are more of a statement option than bright red lipstick.

Rather than going for a really dark purple shade, choose a dark red lipstick with blue undertones and a deep plum lip liner. Gently line and completely fill the lips with the liner before using a brush to put the lipstick on. 

The liner will add depth to the colour without your lips looking too dark. It also means you can create different effects with the lipstick simply by teaming it with various liner shades.

Colour pop eyes

Bright colours are also a big part of this year's style, especially as we get closer to spring. A great way to wear them if you aren't a fan of lipstick is on your eyes. 

Using a statement colour that can still look soft as an eye shadow, is a great way to go and can help create a look for day or night.

You can either use the shadow over your whole lid, blending it upwards to fill the entire eye area up to your eyebrows, being careful not to leave any heavy lines, or avoid the lid and just use the colour over this space.

Whichever of these you go for, avoid any eye liner, sticking just to mascara, otherwise the look will stop looking fresh and will just be heavy.

Heavenly highlights

Fresh skin is a big must this year, with the natural look being all about a healthy glow. This means a slight glossy lip, light eye makeup and the perfect shade of highlighter to create a dewy appearance.

Even if you don't want to go for full on contouring, a soft powder highlighter can help lift your complexion and put the focus on your best features. 

A good rule of thumb is to 'heart' you face. This means lightly brushing your highlighter over the top of your cheekbone, up over your brow and down the centre of your nose, creating a heart shape. This will draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones while slimming down your nose. 

Just be careful not to be too heavy handed or your face can end up looking overly shiny and a bit powdery.

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