Allow your makeup to makeup to last all day

Allow your makeup to last all day, no matter what it’s like outside, just follow TJC’s simple steps and make a few changes to your morning makeup routine.

Summer has been teasing us with the weather recently, we’ve seen torrential rain one day and sunshine rays the next, so, I’m sure we can all agree that we’re totally over it! 

But with the weather being so undecisive, it can leave us ladies stuck on what makeup and beauty products to use in in order to tackle the day, especially as the weather is just so unpredictable, so take heed and follow these 5 easy steps…

Tone & Exfoliate:

A clean, smooth base is the ultimate key to gaining flawless skin, that’s great for applying makeup that will last all day! Wake your skin up in the morning with a great cleanser and exfoliation routine. This will get rid of all deads skin cells and promote new, healthy skin cells. Sticking to  relatively simple exfoliation routine will allow your morning routine to flow easily too!


Many people who suffer with oily to combinationn skin believe that skipping moisturising will help their skin from becoming too oily throughout the day, however, this is completely untrue.  Your skin compensates by producing extra oil when you dont moisturise. To help combat this quite annoying problem of becoming too shiny, as the day goes on, find a oil free, light, and replenishing moisturiser – Our ASTALIFT Replenishing Day Cream is a great choice.


You might think this step is a step too far, but after adding your moisturiser, and before adding your makeup, sealing your base with a good primer, will allow your makeup to last so much longer. It also acts as a barrier from your make-up from being absorbed into pores and adds ultimate staying power to your foundation -Brilliant!

Setting Powder:

The holy grail product of all makeup routines is… setting powder! No matter if you have oily or very matte skin, a setting powder will allow your makeup to stay put all day long, reducing shine, and working in unison with your primer helping you makeup to not slip and slide, no matter how hot it is outside.

Do Not Reapply Makeup Throughout The Day:

To help your makeup look as flawless as it was 5 hours ago, a simple trick is to just leave it alone! Avoice putting more layers on throughout the day as you’ll be left with a cakey finish, but if you need to freshen your face, touch up specific areas and finish with setting powder and blotting paper.

Make you makeup last all day with these easy tips and small changes!

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