Alternative Easter gifts without the calories

Falling earlier than usual this year, Easter is now just over a week away and it wouldn’t seem right if we didn’t celebrate the four-day break stuffing our faces with endless Easter egg chocolate.

Although cards, flowers, cakes and sweets are bound to be appreciated by your loved ones, it’s time to do something a little different this Easter Sunday.

While chocolate is a fundamental part of Easter, for those who don’t want to pile on the pounds and are wanting watch their waist, why not spoil them with an alternative Easter gift, minus the calories?

Here we provide a few alternative gift suggestions.

Meaningful charms

In the past couple of years, charm bracelets have become increasingly popular among all ages and are frequently been spotted on celebrities such as Anna Kendrick and Miley Cyrus, to name only a few.

Surprising your nearest and dearest with a charm which actually has meaning behind it will show the thought that has gone into your gift as well as it being something that your loved one actually wants and likes.

If whoever you’re buying for doesn’t own a charm bracelet, why not be the one to buy them one this Easter, as many charm bracelets often costing the same price as the charm itself. Take a look at our wide variety of bracelets which can be found here.

Day trip

Make the most of your time off at Easter and organise a day trip with family and friends. Not only will you be able to spend some quality time together, but day trips can also be a fun and alternative way to celebrate the Easter break.

Venture out to a picturesque village or town where you can see the sights, do a spot of shopping and relax and catch-up with a chilled coffee break.

For those who are a little more active, and of course if weather permits, organise a leisurely bike ride or walk around your local area.

Statement handbag

As we go into the SS16 season, a statement handbag can make all the difference to an outfit. Whether it be adding a splash of colour to a pair of casual jeans and jumper combo, or perhaps adding some glamour to your eveningwear, it’s fair to say that a handbag is a crucial item to any look.

A structured day tote bag like our Croc Embossed Bamboo Bag with an adjustable shoulder strap is the perfect size for fitting in all the belongings you may need throughout the day.

Pampering products

If taking your loved one for a spa day is a little out of your budget, why not recreate the experience by purchasing beauty products which can be used at home?

We have a variety of products available in our beauty range such as many Dead Sea Magik creams and gels which leave your skin feeling silky soft and fresh.

For those who enjoy experimenting with different styles of makeup, provide them with gifts from our makeup range where we have a number of Maybelline gift sets which include a variety of the latest beauty products.

Have a look at our latest jewellery and accessory styles here to find an alternative gift that will really show you care this Easter.

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