Alternative style: Engagement rings with a twist

Diamond rings have become a traditional part of every proposal. When asking for someone's hand in marriage it is now expected that you'll pop a sparkling ring on that hand. 

However, more and more people are taking a different route when it comes to engagements and are shying away from the traditional diamonds. Instead, many people are choosing to give alternative styles of ring to their partners.

Not only does this mean your loved one gets something beautiful that will stand out; you can also tailor more aspects of the ring to their personal taste. Instead of just choosing a specific metal or shape of diamond, you can get them a totally different style and stone while still showing them how much they mean to you.

So what alternative styles of engagement rings are people starting to present to their partners when they get down on one knee?

A bit of colour

Choosing a ring with a bit of colour is a great way to show your loved one that you know them and their personal style well. 

If your partner likes to be bright, swapping the diamond for something more eye-catching is a great way to let them wear something more interesting every day.

To do this, you should pick a different gemstone – perhaps one in your partner's favourite shade? This Iliana White Gold and Emerald Solitaire Ring is a great example of how striking a different colour can be.

It still uses a classic shape, which means the bold shade of the emerald isn't over-the-top but is still incredibly beautiful.

A different shape

A really easy way to change it up a bit when it comes to engagement rings is to choose one that has a different shape. 

Rather than the usual princess, round or oval cut stones, why not try a more modern alternative?

Something like this Iliana Triangular Cut Tanzanite Solitaire Ring has a clean look that is interesting but still as elegant as classically cut diamonds. 

Interesting stones

To get a really different look, you can always shy away from the usual stones that feature in engagement rings completely.

Go for something really unusual that isn't seen very much and you are bound to get the wow factor.

This is likely to mean the main stone is an interesting colour and a different shape so it doubles up the interest.

A lovely choice for something different is opals, as they have a really soft colour that creates an elegant appearance. This Yellow Gold Ethiopian Opal and Diamond Ring is a stunning choice and really is something different. 

No stones at all

Who said you even need stones in an engagement ring? Why not shake things up entirely by choosing an engagement ring that features a different embellishment entirely?

Pearls offer a beautiful alternative that still look gorgeous but are something incredibly different – especially if you choose a pearl ring that features an unusual colour as well.

This Rhapsody Platinum Tahitian Pearl Solitaire Ring will really make a statement and is a perfect choice for those that aren't keen on lots of sparkles.

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